Holiday 2022. 10 special holiday destinations. We go there less often

If we’re bored with the Turkish Riviera, we don’t want another all-inclusive holiday in a hotel that looks the same as hundreds of similar places, maybe it’s worth looking for slightly less frequented travel destinations? Below are some suggestions, sorted by tour prices.

Estonia leads the way, which despite its geographic proximity remains a little known country for Poland. And yet there are amazing castles here, there is historic Tallinn, or a rather mysterious attraction called the Witches’ Well. It is difficult to find trips to Estonia alone in the offer of travel agencies. However, a four-day tour of the capitals of the Baltic States, ie Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga, will cost us about PLN 1,500 per person.

Until recently, the cheapest country in Europe, Albania, was still an empty spot in tourist atlases. We can find here not only the largest number of bunkers per capita, but also many charming beaches or interesting rock formations. We pay 2000-2500 zloty for a week’s trip to this country without mass tourism.

Or maybe to Romania? Here we find Transylvania, famous thanks to vampires, which we can visit and pay 2000-4000 PLN for a stay of 10 days. Of course, you should not miss the coast, a little more famous thanks to the expeditions of Poland during the times of the Polish People’s Republic.

A slightly more exotic destination, although we still stay in Europe, is the Faroe Islands. There is a large Polish community here, but above all fantastic landscapes. For a trip of a week or even longer to the Faroe Islands pastures, we pay about PLN 5,500-7,000.

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We’re going to the second price zone. This is Burma, which is actually called Myanmar. The amazing Buddhist temples in Bagan, beautiful Rangoon and magical Mandalay will remain in your memory forever. We will not overpay for it – a two-week tour of Myanmar, offered by tourist agencies, will cost 10-12 thousand. zloty.

A trip to Peru costs us a little more. It is worth adding that it is one of the most visited countries in South America, also by Poland. It is a bit far from home, but there are also many places of interest here. Suffice it to mention Machu Picchu, Amazon, Cuzco, mysterious Nazca Lines and Rainbow Mountain. A two-week stay in the former Incaland costs 11-20 thousand. zloty.

If we decide to go to Africa, South Africa will probably be one of the most interesting choices. Cape Town with Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Caves of Echoes, Drakensberg. An interesting fact is that South Africa is the most geographically and climatically diverse African country. For 10 days, for which travel agencies charge 10-17 thousand. PLN, we will find out for sure.

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About 12-13 thousand we pay zloty for a week’s stay in a tropical paradise known as … the ABC archipelago. Under this name there are three islands that belong to the Netherlands Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Interestingly, you can fly there from Warsaw as well as from Gdańsk and Krakow.

A trip to another Caribbean island – Barbados requires slightly more affluent pockets. This time around 15,000-20,000 people have to spend a week’s vacation from the gray reality. zloty. It is here that Rihanna was born, here is also the third oldest parliament in the world, whose chambers have been sitting continuously since 1693. And we can easily impress the people of Barbados with photos from…Masuria. There are none left on the island.

And the furthest possible journey. New Zealand. It is said that if we happen to pass by one of the islands of this country, we will begin to return to Poland. Simply put, New Zealand is close to the Polish antipodes. The landscapes here are unearthly, which does not have to convince fans of the film “The Lord of the Rings”. It is not easy to find a tourist offer that only offers tours of Aotearoy, as the country is called in Maori by its inhabitants. Rather, let’s focus on a combined offer – with Australia, Fiji or Samoa. An 18-day adventure in which we will visit these regions of the world can cost 25-35 thousand. PLN per person.

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