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June 30, 2022

The summer promotion in Dąbrowa is underway. Many attractions await the youngest (and not only!) inhabitants of our city.

Summer open air cinema at Fabryka Pełnej Życia

During the summer holidays, we invite you to screenings of recognized films every Saturday for the next two months. We have not forgotten the neighborhoods of our city – we will be there every two weeks on Fridays to present interesting Polish films.

  • 25 June
    21:30 Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror (silent film with live music performed by the Czerwie band)
  • July 2nd
    21:30 My Wonderful Life (Показ фільму з українськими субтитрами / screening with Ukrainian subtitles)
  • July 9
    21:30 In the mood
  • 16th of July
    21:30 What I called my ex-wife
  • July 23
    21:30 La Gomera
  • July 30
    21:00 Parasite
  • August 6
    21:00 Silver Lake Secrets
  • August 13
    21:00 Sweat
  • Aug 20
    21:00 Photo of desire
  • August 27
    21:00 Wedding toast

Summer Outdoor Cinema in the neighborhoods

  • June 24, Cultural Center Ząbkowice
    21:30 Second half
  • July 15 Common area in Tucznawa
    21:30 Second half
  • July 29 LKS Błędów football field
    21:00 Second half
  • August 12 Day stay in Okradzionów
    21:00 No soup
  • On August 26, the House of Culture in Ząbkowice
    21:00 No soup

Summer children’s cinema

Summer is a time of rest after the rigors of school. And what’s the best way to rest? In a cinema seat, hiding from the heat! We invite all kids to big pet adventures and more. New heroes from Pixar movies and the world of Disney are waiting for you. You will also meet pets of DC superheroes such as Superman and Batman. We will play twice a day (every day except Thursdays and Polish army holidays): at 11:00 and 15:00!

The repertoire is available on the website in the event: https://fb.me/e/3c4dqiHgF.

we play in Zielona (concerts – Park Zielona)

we play in Zielona is a series of open-air concerts organized by the Zagłębie Palace of Culture and the city of Dąbrowa Górnicza. Saturday concerts always take place at 5 pm in the Danskring of Park Zielona. Each and every one of them brings pleasant chamber music performed by young and talented artists. The main premise of the cycle is to develop leisure for the inhabitants of the city, the region and the Voivodeship, using the beautiful spaces of the Dąbrowa Park.

  • July 2nd 18:00 – Silesian brass quintet
  • July 9 17:00 – Kamila Goik
  • 16th of July 17:00 – Dell’arte String Quartet
  • July 23 17:00 – Walicki-Popiołek Duo
  • July 30 5:00 PM – Claviduo

Music over the water (concerts – Pogoria III)

The Music on the Water project was created in 2016. The first edition was called Classics by the Water, but later the program was diversified musically so that every resident of the city, region and voivodeship could find something for themselves in the music presented and enjoy the atmosphere that prevails during the evening concerts in the Pogoria III Municipal beach. The series is very popular from edition to edition. No wonder… Who wouldn’t like to sit in a sun lounger and listen to live music surrounded by the beach, water and the setting sun. The concerts take place on selected Fridays in June, July and August, always at 20:00!

  • 24th of June 20:00 – Boys vs Basia
  • July 22 20:00 – Jazz dreamers
  • August 12 20:00 – Hanka Wójciak’s Band
  • August 26 20:00 – Frank and the family

Music Park Sunday

The series “Music Park Sunday with ArcelorMittal Poland” will – as the name suggests – take place in parks in Dąbrowa – alternately in Park Haller and Park Podlesie. The July edition of the series is held by the Sojka Band Entertainment Orchestra, while the August concerts are held by the Municipal Brass Band. The project is to ensure fun with the sounds of light and film music surrounded by greenery – always at 5pm!


  • 10th of July 17:00 – Sojka Band
  • July 24 17:00 – Sojka Band
  • August 7 17:00 – Stadsbrasband
  • August 21 17:00 – Stadsbrasband


  • July 17 17:00- Sojka Band
  • July 31 17:00 – Sojka Band
  • August 14 17:00 – Stadsbrasband

Outdoor cooler – Fabryka Full Życia

Recooltywator is a project whose main aim is to cultivate the musical traditions of Dąbrowa Górnicza and pave the way for new Dąbrowa Górnicza bands.

Zagłębie Palace of Culture has prepared a special rehearsal room, equipped with sound equipment, console and instruments. for what? So that bands from the city have a place to practice and make new music.

  • July 12 19:00 – ProAge
  • August 2 19:00 – Swing Sisters
  • August 16 19:00 – Queens of the Mascots
  • August 30 19:00 – Cartel

Factory Classic

Dombrova Piano Duo is a piano duo created by young, ambitious, music-loving pianists from Dąbrowa Górnicza.

June 23July 14 and August 11 always at 7pm!

An intergenerational dance at Fabryka Pełnej Życia

Fabryka Full Życia invites you to an intergenerational dance led by musicians invited by the City Brass Band in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The main idea is the intergenerational nature of the event, where seniors, families with children and young people will have fun.

  • June 30th
  • July 28
  • August 25

“The Art of Tolerance” [Fabryka Pełna Życia]

An artistic event, in which the outdoor studio of the artist is set up, to which the participants of the event are invited. A work about tolerance is being made for the public. Organiser: Cultural Factory Foundation.

14th Motoserce Dąbrowa Górnicza promotion [CH Pogoria]

Motoserce is a cyclical charity campaign that promotes blood donation. The Big Cyc band will perform as part of the event.

Thursday bonfires

Meetings for children and adults by the fire in the green space behind the Main Library building.

  • 21 July
  • July 28
  • August 4
  • August 11

time. 18:00-21:00

Field Game: Explore the Royal Route

During the game, the participants learn parts of the Royal Route that passed through our city in the Middle Ages. Organizer: City Museum Sztygarka.

II Children’s Running Festival – Park Zielona

SUPER Summer promotion – Pogoria III

Rental and instruction lessons for kids and teens on SUP boards.

  • July 4, 11, 18, 25
  • August 1, 8, 15, 22

Holidays with supplies in Hala Center

General equity-based development activities.

  • July 11-29 from Monday to Friday

Summer climbing at CSLiW in Zielona Park

Lessons on the basics of safe climbing on a climbing wall.

  • classes in blocks 12:00-18:00 every Sunday of public holidays: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 July and 7, 14, 21, 28 August.

Zumba Marathon – CSLiW Pogoria III

LaCultura / Sports and Recreation Center

Dąbrowska Summer action in the Nemo Aquapark – World of Entertainment

Free admission for children and young people living in Dąbrowa Górnicza for two hours a day (Monday to Saturday).

Swimming Lessons in Nemo – Entertainment World

Free swimming lessons for children and teenagers.

Olympic Games of unusual sports

Children and teenagers will participate in unusual sports competitions. The Olympics will be held in Haller Park.

Extreme City 2022

Workouts at the skate park in Haller Park.

  • every Monday in July and August from 16:00-19:00

Summer Academy of Activity

A range of sports and leisure activities: gymnastics, yoga, dance, zumba. A series of workshops on healthy, active and interesting ways to spend free time. Haller’s Park, Zielona Park, Fabryka Full Lycia. Organiser: Association Civitas

Active Strzemieszyce – get involved in the life of the neighborhood

Event calendar here [kliknij]†

Yoga on the grass

Yoga classes on the meadow at Fabryka Pełnej Życia.

  • July 3, July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31, August 7, August 14, August 21, August 28

time. 10:00-11:00

Holiday with astronomy at primary school no. 16 with nursery departments The Association of the White Eagle

The popular science program is aimed at school children and teenagers who are interested in the topic of space and who are staying in the city during the summer holidays. Group tours – call by phone: 32 262-38-71, individual only with an adult guardian. The lessons are free.

  • June 27 – July 29. The observatory is open Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00. Classes are held from 10:00-15:00.

And at the end of the summer action in Dąbrowa – on September 3 – we will meet at Pogoria III! Kruk performs with Wojciech Cugowski and KULT!

For more information, please contact the organizers:
Zagłębie Palace of Culture, tel. 32 733 88 15/32 733 88 20
Municipal Public Library, tel. 32 639 03 01
Sports and Recreation Centre, tel. 32 261 21 05
Water Park – Nemo World of Entertainment, tel. 32 639 05 79
Creative Work Center Youth, tel. 32 262 54 61
City Museum Sztygarka, tel. 32 262 36 95
Factory full of life, tel. 518 270 465

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