Alpine skiing | Alpine summer – July #2. Austrian champion with own coach, switch to FIS, green light for Italians Lindsey Vonn family tragedy

Another week between the seasons is behind us. It’s time for our usual roundup of the most important news from the world of alpine skiing. What happened in the last 7 days? You will find out in the article below.

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Individual Liensberger training mode

From May, Austrian skiers will have a new race director, Thomas Trinker, who shows an open approach to his competitors. Katharina Liensberger will train for three days in the snow on the Stelvio Pass from Tuesday with Livio Magonim, who has just joined the coaching team. Meanwhile, the WC3 group of twelve, led by Karlheinz Pichler, is working on the conditioning.

Trinker supports the plan of Olympic silver medalist in the slalom, Katharina Liensberger. – We have open communication, we are constantly exchanging information. Katharina is an athlete who wants to be the best. She also sacrifices everything for it. I think it will be a nice solution in combination with Livio, said the 48-year-old Styrian during Monday’s media meeting in Schielleiten. – Liensberger is now ready for skiing, others prefer fitness. There are different ways and approaches – the trainer points out.

The Austrian also emphasizes the important role of Livio Magoni. – Everywhere he’s been, he’s been successful. He has a bit of a quarrelsome nature, but when you work with him he is a nice, polite man. He also sacrifices everything for the sport. I hope we can all benefit from his experience. He was arguably the most successful giant slalom coach in recent years, Trinker adds.

The new colors of the Swiss

The Swiss will race in new suits from next season. The new colors are orange and yellow. The race kit from the new main sponsor Sunrise is called “Levada”, which means sunrise in Romansh. – I like warm colors very much. Everything fits together, which I find extremely beautiful – says world champion and Olympic champion Corinne Suter.

The development of the new suit took a year and a half. On the one hand it had to be aesthetic and on the other it had to be functional. What does it mean? It must of course suit all players. Measurements were made for this by means of a body scan. Above all, the material had to be good. Here the president of the Swiss ski club Urs Lehmann announces: “This is the fastest suit in the world!”

Changes to the FIS

The newly elected FIS Council held its first meeting in Zurich, where it voted on a number of agenda items. The first and most important was the election of four vice presidents, including Flavio Roda. The president of FISI gathered the most votes at the last congress in Milan, which confirmed Johan Elias as president. In addition to Roda, Roman Kumpost, Aki Murasato and Martti Uusitalo have also received vocations.

The board also approved a 10% increase in cash prizes for the World Cup events to be played next season. On the other hand, Australian Dean Gosper joined the board and Hannah Kearney was appointed to represent the athletes. Niklas Carlsson becomes Deputy Secretary General and will work with Secretary General Michel Vion. It was also confirmed that Russia and Belarus had been excluded from the FIS competition due to the war in Ukraine.

FIS inspection in Italy

The delegates of the International Federation made a double trip to Italy. As always they have checked the World Cup slopes in Zermatt/Cervinia and Sestriere. On the famous glacier on the border of Italy and Switzerland, work is underway on the planned double, historic event – the Men’s Convention on October 29 and 30 and the Women’s Convention on November 5 and 6.

The organizing committee showed significant progress in the preparation of the finish zone, which was adapted according to the FIS indications. Hundreds of cubic meters of earth have been moved. The next inspection is scheduled for September 20, a month before the teams arrive for the race. Work is also underway in Sestriere on the giant slalom and women’s slalom, which will take place there in December.

New faces at FIS

Janez Hladnik will join the FIS team as director of men’s technical competitions, while Raimund Plancker has been appointed as assistant director of men’s competitions. Emmanuel Couder will act as the coordinator of operational events. Finally, two familiar faces from the men’s and women’s tour, Mike Kertesz and Andreas Krönner, have been promoted to Director of Racing Operations and will be present at all races next season.

“Adding Janez and Raimund to the existing men’s Alpine team will allow FIS to take racing to a whole new level,” said FIS Secretary General Michel Vion. Both new race directors are not new to the World Championship and, thanks to their many years of experience, will mean a lot to the competition.

Lindsey Vonn on Mom’s Disease

Lindsey Vonn shared her mother’s illness experience via social media. The woman suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lindsey used World Sickness Day to make her fans realize how much sacrifice it takes to care for a sick person. She also emphasizes how great a man her mother is and how much good she has passed on to her throughout her life.

– It’s been a year since my mother was diagnosed with ALS. Since the stroke during childbirth, my mother has been a model of strength, or rather, resilience. There are good days and there are bad days, but every day we have with her is a great day. […] My family came together to help her which was a testament to what a person and mother she is. We all dealt with it in our own way and mostly kept it to ourselves. But in typical form, my mother wants to show her struggle to help others. I will do my best to honor her and draw attention to ALS, the American wrote on her Instagram.


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