Twelve Fiat 126p left for Turin. Unusual reason for the trip

12 Fiat 126 departed from Bielsko Town Hall to Turin, where the popular “toddler” comes from. The rally was organized by a group of enthusiasts from 126Hooligans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of production of the car that motorized Poland.

According to RMF FM reporter Marcin Buczek, Sobiesław Zasada and Longin Bielak ride the toddler with number 7. such a car in 1975 they covered the route of the Monte Carlo rally

This trip must be successful – says Sobieslaw Zasada. And explains why:

The organizer of the project, Marcin Małysz, a motoring journalist and Fiat 126 enthusiast and member of the 126Hooligans group, said the rally was a celebration of the car’s 50th anniversary.

He actually motorized Poland. He is our national hero. (…) We decided to go from Bielsko-Biała to Turin to show that it is possible and safe to travel in a classic car† You just have to do it wisely: with stops and drink a lot of water, because there is no air conditioning in the cars he said.

The cars will have to cover approximately 3 thousand – in total in both directions. kilometers.

The oldest Fiat was founded in 1972. The youngest is 22 years old.

He went on tour to Italy doyen of Polish rally drivers 92-year-old Sobiesław Zasada† He is joined by another great motorsport personality – 95-year-old Longin Bielak.

They go to Turin with the yellow “baby” from 2000. The car is one of a thousand that was produced in a limited series, which caused production to stop. They were named “Happy End”. Rule then bought two for the grandchildren. Now one of them has gone on a rally.

It currently has 648 km on the counter, which is almost new Principle added.

As he said he feels great in “toddler”

It drives well. (…) Via the Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse (the highest paved road in Austria – PAP) we arrive in Turin. We go to more than 2500 m above sea level, which is 500 m higher than Kasprowy. I think everything will be fine. I have no worries

– Sobiesław Zasada told journalists.

About that, how fast can you go in a fiat 126p told one of the expedition participants:

The more than 1,500 km long route from Bielsko-Biała to Turin is divided into four stages† On the fourth day, the “little ones” cover the shortest distance, from Bergamo to the Fiat factory in Turin. There they meet the authorities of the company and Fiat 126 fans from Northern Italy.

The organizers tell about the details of the expedition:

Drivers are accompanied by a service vehicle. There are among others spare parts

I guess they won’t be needed – added principle.

The Fiat 126p motored Poland several decades ago and is still considered a cult today, although it is now a rarity on Polish roads. The first left the factory in Bielsko in 1973.

Everyone was excited about this car and waiting for it. There were 500,000 prepayments for this car. It was important to these people that they could take it to the end of the world. And all luggage fits

– recalls Sobieslaw Zasada.

The last Fiat 126p model left the factory on September 22, 2000. In total, more than 3.3 million were produced in Poland, of which more than 1.1 million in Bielsko-Biała, and the rest in Tychy. Of these, 897 thousand were exported in 1975-1992. “toddlers”.

In the years 1972-1980, 1.35 million were produced in Italy

Founded in 2016, the 126Hooligans group gathers “toddlers” collectors from the Małopolskie and Śląskie Voivodeships, who have 70 Fiat 126s in their collection. Sobieslaw Zasada and Janusz Szerla.

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