Italian Embassy for Travel Agencies: There are no exceptions for Polish children

Yesterday, the president of the Polish Association of Tourist Agencies, Marcin Wujec, asked the Italian authorities through the embassy of this country in Warsaw to alleviate the epidemic hardship for Polish children aged 12 to 18 who go skiing to Italy.

In the letter, he pointed out that from February 1, the validity of the covid certificates will be 6 months from the full vaccination course, just taking a booster dose will extend it to 9 months. However, in Poland, children do not get it yet, so the certificates of children vaccinated just before the summer holidays expire in early February, during the winter holidays. This means that children cannot use hotels, restaurants, public transport or the ski infrastructure.

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The embassy wrote today in a letter to OSAT that the regulations introduced because of the sudden increase in Omicron infections in recent weeks apply to everyone, regardless of country of origin, including Italian citizens. The embassy added that it is currently impossible to predict what measures will be taken in February, when most Polish tourists will travel to Italy for the winter holidays.

Here is the full text of the embassy letter.

Dear Mr President,

First of all, we would like to let you know that we are aware of the matters you raise in your letter. We receive numerous reports of an issue raised by the Lord. In all cases, we provide a comprehensive answer and provide information that we hope will help you:

1) in accordance with the rules currently in force (it is currently impossible to predict what measures will be taken in February, when most Polish tourists travel to Italy for the winter holidays), minors from 7 to 18 years of age are released from quarantine when they entering Italy, provided they have a negative COVID test result before arriving in Italy (24 hours for an antigen test; 48 hours for a molecular PCR test) and travel with their parent(s) in possession of a valid vaccination or recovery certificate;

2) when it comes to using the so-called covid passport for various activities, all details are published on the following website

With regard to the specific situations that may arise in the case of underage Polish citizens receiving the so-called booster dose, please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome / Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Milan, which will provide appropriate support .

In addition, we remind you that it is possible to use the contacts of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy available on the Internet at lingua=italiano&id=5411&area=nuovoCoronavirus&menu= vuoto

We would like to emphasize that due to the duration of the pandemic and the sudden increase in the spread of the so-called of the ommicron variant, all the above measures apply to everyone, Italian, Polish or any other country, without distinction. This is due to the need to continue economic activity while protecting public health. Unfortunately, we still live in difficult circumstances that do not allow us to freely perform all the activities that we were used to and that we all enjoy. We sincerely believe that the restrictions, which are still necessary today, will soon allow us to enjoy all the opportunities that tourism, both in Italy and in Poland, usually offers.

In the hope that you find the above information useful, we send you our best regards.

Secretariat of the Ambassador

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