Cultural Summer 2022 – Festivals, Fairs, Shows

Festival of circus and street art in Lublin, St. Dominik in Gdańsk and the celebration of Lemko culture in Zdynia – these are some of the cultural events that will take place in Poland this summer.

Carnival Sztukmistrzów, a festival of circus and street art, will traditionally take over Lublin in July (28-31).

The event that presents the art of the new circus, acrobatics and clowns has been held in Lublin since 2008. Then street performers and circus masters from all over the world come to the city to present their performances and shows.

On the street you can meet swordsmen, acrobats and buskers. The public is often invited to actively participate in performances.

As usual, part of Carnival includes stage performances that take place in a circus tent and on stage. At this year’s event you can admire the most interesting offers from the European circus scene, including four clowns from the Czech Republic – the crew of Squadra Sua in “Across” and “SoliloqueS” from Compagnie Singuliere from France.

This year, the Polish scene will also be represented in the closed program, mainly thanks to the premiere screenings of the winners of the “Incydent Polski” competition, which supports Polish circus performers. The competition was organized by Carnival Sztukmistrzów. Marta Mądry will perform with the show “Ex-Libris” and Tomasz Piotrowski with the show Fri. “Shhh…”. The “Epitaph of the Jester” by the Wrocław collective Kejos will also premiere in Lublin.

Piotr Sikora in a tent in Błonia will present his family proposal “Boy: Looking for a friend”.

Not only lovers of the written word can be interested in the Festival of the Capital of the Polish Language, which will be organized on August 7-13 in Szczebrzeszyn and Zamość.

Its purpose included workshops, lectures, artistic events, meetings with authors, not only for adults, but also for children and teenagers.

Concerts, recitals and performances, themed on the love of the word, await those who are thirsty for other types of art.

On July 23 – August 14, the 762nd time the St. Dominica.

The tradition of the event dates back to 1260, when Pope Alexander IV allowed the Dominicans of Gdańsk to give one-day indulgences on their founder’s day.

In one of the oldest descriptions of the fair from the 16th century, the Papal Nuncio Giulio Ruggieri wrote: “In the month of August there is a great St. Dominic’s Fair, for which the Germans, French, Flemish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and then call at port 400 ships loaded with French and Spanish wine, silk, olive oil, lemons, preserves and other Spanish products, Portuguese roots, tin and English cloth.

Circus performers, acrobats and companies also came from all over. Various wonders, exotic animals and even supposedly … mermaids were shown.

St. Dominic was held annually for centuries and became an important holiday for the city. This tradition was interrupted by the Second World War. It was returned to it in 1972. And it was then that the rooster became the symbol of the event.

Currently, the opening of the fair is announced to the world by a specially written bugle call, to which a different note is added every year. And so the horn call becomes “old” along with the fair. This year it will contain 760 notes. In such a historical setting, the mayor of the city gives the merchants the key to the gates of Gdańsk.

The strength of the fair is the unique atmosphere and the stalls full of various goods. Among them you can find old, rare and amazing items, there is no shortage of artistic handicrafts and delicacies from all over the world.

A great celebration of Lemko culture – the 40th Lemko Watra in Zdynia will be held from July 22-24.

Lemko Watra in Zdynia (Łem. Żdynia) is a time of annual gatherings, extremely important for Lemkos: generations, family and friendly. Meetings that unite with a common song gather around important matters. This was the original idea of ​​Władysław Graban and people associated with the representative Łemkowyna Song and Dance Ensemble from Bielanka. The first Watry were the group’s artistic workshops, which grew stronger every year.

Lemko Watra traveled through the Lemko region, first to Czarna (near Uście Gorlickie) in 1983, 1984, then to Hańczowa in 1985 and Bartne in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Initially these were small, informal gatherings, and over time evolved into the current form of a major festival. All these changes are the result of years of hard work by many people.

Since 1990, Łemkowska Watra has been organizing the Union of Lemkos in Zdynia, it is here that Watra has made its home forever.

During the 40th Watra, song and dance groups, folk groups, soloists, duets, trios and choirs will perform. The concert “Watra in Solidarity with Ukraine” is planned, as well as song and recital competition, art, theatrical performance. The Memorial Site also hosts a commemoration of the victims of Operation “Vistula”.

In August (5-7) on the island of Wolińska Kępa in Wolin you can move not only in space but also in time, almost 1000 years, because on the island, in the open-air museum of the Center of Slavs and Vikings, the 27th Festival of Slavs and Vikings will be held.

This cyclical event is organized every year on the first weekend of August as an open-air historical reconstruction. For several days of the festival you can feel the charm of the Middle Ages, the time of Vikings and Slavs.

During the event, concerts of early music, historical reconstructions, demonstrations of combat and training of warriors, staging of rituals and medieval dances are organized. It is the largest event of this type in Europe. One week before the festival, there are Experimental Archeology Workshops for those who wish, ie workshops from ancient pottery crafts, through wood carving to felt production and even foundry.

Cabaret enthusiasts can opt for the Koszalin Cabaret Festival. It is here, on the last Saturday of July, in the city’s amphitheater that one of the country’s biggest cabaret events takes place.

The following people confirmed their participation in the event: Neo-Nówka, Kabaret Moralnych Niepokoju, Kabaret Młodych Panów, Kon Polski, Chyba, Jurki, Rak, Wojciech Kamiński, Cabaret z Hemp.

Tomek Krezymon’s orchestra will also be present during the festival. The festival is traditionally organized by Leszek Malinowski and Waldemar Sierański from the Kon Polski cabaret. (DAD)

Author: Katarzyna Krzykowska

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