Crust plus. How many branches do you need to heat a house?

  • The ability to collect undergrowth in the forest has been around for a long time, but has not been popular for a number of years
  • This has changed this year. After the so-called rows of willing people queuing
  • A trailer made of such material will cost about PLN 35 and, depending on the calorific value of the wood, it will be enough for 2-3 weeks of heating
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

From the beginning of the year, more and more people in forest areas are asking about the possibility of the so-called branch branches. This wood is left over from the processing of raw wood. Usually they are different types of branches, branches, treetops that are cut from the block. For years, people eagerly took advantage of the opportunity to purchase such wood.

– It is a raw material that requires a lot of labor, someone has to come to the forest, spend time and strength to prepare general cargo or otherwise small wood – says Paweł Kosin, spokesman for the Daleszyce Forest District.

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Cheaper alternative

For several years there has been little interest in branching in forest areas. People would rather buy a ready-made raw material than waste time buying it themselves. However, the more expensive gas, coal, eco-pea coal or pellets created queues in the forests. – We have noticed a lot of interest since the beginning of the year. When someone came to a forester last year and asked about the possibility of making a branch, the forester immediately designated such an area. At this point, you may have to wait until the saws have done their job and you can enter the cutting area – says Paweł Kosin.

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