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Bogusław Siwak, a nature lover, critic of the authorities and co-author of many petitions, regularly visits the magistrate for the graduation sessions. He believes that instead of an ice rink in Racibórz, a walkway should be built over the Oder, that the area for the park should be bought at Ogrodowa and that “pace 30” should be introduced in the center. During the session, he received statements of support from Piotr Klima and Mirosław Lenek. The latter announced that he agreed with Siwak more and more, although there was a time when he ignored him.

Knowing this raciborzan’s propensity for long speeches and phone calls (there is probably no person in the local government who has not been in contact with this activist), the councilors voted that residents’ speeches during graduation should not exceed the half were allowed to last an hour.

The municipality thought

Bogusław Siwak started with comments about the renovated Bema Street, where in his opinion the sidewalks are too narrow and the parking lot is too close to the kindergarten. – Under communism it was arranged in such a way that the cars were parked away from playing children in the playground. Because communists were thought of! Now this pedestrian street will be full of exhaust fumes and noise – said the social worker.

He brought petitions to the magistrate with two thousand signatures demanding that the sale and development of Długosz Square not be sold. – There must be space for residents, with trees and benches. Let the parking lot stay, but let the cars park under the trees – Siwak continued.

He calculated that the president has already received 35 million zloty “from the prime minister”. B. Siwak has long called for not to use this money to build a new ice rink, but first to connect the banks of the Odra River with a footbridge. The initial cost is estimated at PLN 11 million. – Young people ask the municipality to ride the buses for free. Will she be able to afford 20 zlotys for a ticket to the ice rink? These are the prices in the country – he told during the session.

Rybnik hits us on the head

B. Siwak criticized the president for losing to Rybnik in the competition for EU funds to fight smog. – An opportunity for that money was wasted. Rybnik received 13 million PLN and we have nothing. We are waiting until there is money for a thorough renovation of tenements and replacement of stoves. One tenement was renovated under Polowy’s, while five were renovated under Lenek, Siwak listed. He is surprised that without a president Rybnik gets external funds from the right and that in Racibórz there is a deficit of PLN 33 million to get rid of the tiled stoves.

The nature lover does not like the way the green services in the city work. – In the vicinity of Brzozowa they are not allowed to build a path so that people do not have to wade through the tall grass during a walk, but the cutting of bear garlic in the Castle Park takes place. Birds die under these mowers! – he alarmed during the session. He also dislikes felling and pruning trees “under the ruler, in the form of an inverted broom”.

Siwak said during the session that the office is purchasing land in ul. Ogrodowa for the new city parks. In his opinion, the field president is simply playing against the clock in this matter.

Quieter and safer

This resident has long been a supporter of the introduction of free-driving zones in Racibórz – pace 30. He cited Paris and Strasbourg as examples of such solutions. – It will be quieter and safer – he assured at the meeting of the city council.

According to the ecological activist, pedestrian paths should be painted in Reymonta Street near Biedronka. A lot of people pass by and it is dangerous. Siwak said he had the support of Vice President Wacławczyk and Councilor Klima in this matter. He complained that the vice president hadn’t found time for him seven times during Tuesday’s party taping at the office.

During the graduation session, he argued for the reconstruction of the cycle path at ul. Lwowska to a promenade with grass, benches and bushes. According to Siwak, there are still too few banks in Racibórz, and the few are being liquidated anyway. He addressed his words to the chairman of the Nowoczesna housing cooperative, who was present at the hearing. He criticized him for the liquidation of three banks in the cooperative courts.

Broken glass

The citizen of Raciborz thinks the city is littered with alcohol bottles and is happy that David Wacławczyk’s idea of ​​allowing unlimited wine and beer to be drunk on the Boulevards was not adopted. “The lawns and squares are full of broken glass,” he said.

He referred to the words of Michał Fita, who appeared in the session before him, for whom the flower meadows in Racibórz are associated with carelessness and weed infestation. – These aren’t habases, it’s supposed to look like this. There are bees and bumblebees. This is what nature wants, and man will never be wiser than nature, emphasized B. Siwak.

He also spoke poorly about the planned graduation tower in Warsaw, which is at the expense of greenery, and the new track in SP15. – It’s just rubber at the expense of a natural, green surface. It was enough to contact the PWSZ to make such a treadmill in a nearby stadium – he said.

The Chairman of the Municipal Economy Committee liked B. Siwak’s speech. Piotr Klima praised the speaker for his civil courage and proposals. He hopes that Mr Bogusław’s attitude will convince other residents of Racibórz to take the floor when submitting the presidential report on the state of the city.

After Siwak’s speech, Mirosław Lenk also took the floor. – It took me many years to understand that mine doesn’t always have to be on top, that I’m not always right. Year after year I agree more and more with Mr Siwak. With what he presents and says, and he does not say it to support any of the politicians. Past or present. It touches me too, the president or Marcin Fica. What he says requires great caution, because the future that awaits us will look very different – Mirosław Lenk summarized.

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