Podcast “On Suitcases”: A few travelers spent several months in Hawaii. What mysteries of the surfing mecca have the Lost Italianos uncovered?

Nearly 100,000 of them follow them on Instagram. people and you may also have had the opportunity to find their profile. They love road trips, sunrise climbs and their photos are breathtaking. Meet Lost Italianos – a married couple traveling the world on their honeymoon. Recently, however, Diana and Marcin spent a long time in Hawaii. They share their snapshots and stories of the picturesque islands on the web, and a guide to this area will be published soon. How do they travel together and what disappointed them most about Hawaii? They talked about it in the podcast “On suitcases”.

Diana and Marcin have a travel blog called Lost Italianos. However, they were also popular with their social media profiles. Thousands of people follow their phenomenal photos on Instagram. And here you can come across snapshots from Madeira, South America, New Zealand, Thailand and many other places. Now, though, we’re especially happy with the fairytale views from Hawaii, where they’ve been staying for the past few months. They left in February and recently returned to Poland. Interestingly enough, it was not their first trip to these areas.

– The first time it was like, “But it’s exotic here, great, this is Hawaii.” Our first trips were also not very conscious. (…) But then we fell in love with Hawaii too. At the end of that year, some cheap tickets appeared. And we really wanted to come back. Marcin was the founder of Hawaii and we flew. We ended up staying 4 months. The more we were there, the more we wanted to load and explore these next layers. The first layer, you know, beautiful views, but when we ripped off the next one, we found out it’s not as colorful anymore – say Diana and Marcin in the new episode of the podcast “On Suitcases”.

The couple flew to Hawaii from Los Angeles and managed to buy tickets for a really good price.

– Hawaii out of season You can even fly with Hawaiian Airlines for $100-120 one way. It may not be in the middle of a holiday, but in February you can buy it for this price – Diana says.

Hawaii – volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean

Hawaii is an archipelago made up of 137 volcanic islands, 7 of which are inhabited. Diana and Marcin have visited the 4 main ones, but each of them is completely different. Which of them is the most interesting?

– Still Oahu to me. The most commercial that tourists associate with Waikiki Beach. We spent most of our time here. I love Oahu, I think it’s underrated. The center of this whole archipelago – says Diana.

Marcin, on the other hand, loves Kauai and the Big Island the most. – It’s such villages. Both are completely different. Kauai is green. It’s like Oahu, but without the city. And the Big Island is one big, huge volcano from which lava flows – Marcin adds.

In fact, volcanoes cover much of the Hawaiian Islands. The highest of them, Mauna Kea, is about 4,200 m from sea level, but more than 10 km from the bottom. Thus, it can be said that it is the highest mountain on Earth, higher than Mount Everest. Regular eruptions contribute to the development, expansion of the islands. But they also lead to disasters. A few years ago it even happened that the earth “opened up”. A fissure ran through one of the estates and lava began to pour out.

– Kilauea volcano was responsible for this disaster. It has been producing hectoliters of lava for years, and tourists have traveled to the Big Island to admire the lava. (…) Lava not only comes out of the crater, but also flows through such tunnels under the volcano. There was a tunnel in the residential area where this incident took place. It got stuck and the ground creaked, a fissure opened, lava poured out. There used to be a residential area there, and now there’s a lava field that still smokes – Diana says.

Interestingly, the Big Island is divided into the so-called lava zones. The greater the risk of eruption and lava flow, the cheaper apartments in a given area. Unfortunately, this is risky, as the house and property could end up under the magma at any time. As a result of this strange eruption a few years ago, the lava covered more than 30 km2 of land, took 7 thousand. homes, and losses were estimated at $800 million. Most importantly, however, no one was injured.

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What to see in Hawaii and what to look out for?

Hawaii is home to over 1 million people, but only 9-10 percent. are native Hawaiians. The region also attracts millions of tourists, which has its advantages and disadvantages. It turns out that what’s off limits to Hawaiians — wasting water, for example — gets away with visitors. Short-term rental in these areas also causes the prices of apartments on the islands to rise. The residents cannot afford a house here.

Homelessness is a very big problem. It is most visible on the main island – Oahu – the southern part of the island is a tent next to a tent. Many people live this way. And these are the main indigenous peoples, Lost Italianos say.

What’s good to eat in Hawaii? Diana and Marcin recommend poke – rice with raw fish, delicious seafood, saimin soup and … “shave ice”.

– Shave ice is shaved ice. When done right, it has the texture of fresh snow. (…) It is crushed ice covered with syrups. It’s about sweetness and it’s very refreshing. It became my obsession, Diana says.

At first glance, Hawaii is associated with surfers, volcanoes, Waikiki Beach, and hula dancing. And what points do our interlocutors recommend?

– Oahu has to go to the mountains. And in good shoes – there is a lot of mud and it is not the easiest trekking area. It is also worth trying Hawaiian cuisine which is a mix of different influences. It is also worth eating while eating there – that is, with your butt on the sand, from a box – say our interlocutors.

Are you curious what else they told us about Hawaii? More information and interesting facts about these islands can be found in the latest episode of the podcast “Op suitcases”and in Diana and Marcin’s guide, due out later this summer.

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