Paprocki & Brzozowski show: Spring-Summer 2022 collection. Romance, rock & roll and the urban meadow

Paprocki & Brzozowski returned with a wave. The talented duo’s first show since the start of the pandemic, after a break of more than two years, is a tribute to all kinds of femininity and a runway fashion that we missed in Poland. Last night we saw two contrasting – and at the same time complementary – collections: Timeless (prêt-à-porter line) and Atelier (tailor-made).

A warm July evening, Warsaw’s Powiśle and … a meadow in the middle of the city. Marcin Paprocki and Mariusz Brzozowski they know how to impress: not only with clothing, but also with the form of their presentation. Especially for the premiere spring-summer collection 2022 in the concrete jungle they gave way to Eden, in the middle of which a lawn had been laid out, and the front row and other places of guests were among flowers and trees. It wasn’t until Thursday that the square in front of the main entrance to the Powiśle Power Plant became a spectacular meadow, the scents of which even attracted butterflies and urban bees. It is all thanks to the composition of the living flowers of the team @ and the concept of green @ re.dor.

When we spoke to the designers during the day on Thursday, they said: “We are very excited because our show will take place in a meadow created especially for us and models will be walking on the grass. Romance meets rock & roll in this collectionso we wanted the show to be very romantic as well, yet surprising. The whole atmosphere is broken by specially selected music”

In such a fairytale setting, Paprocki & Brzozowski showed their two complementary collections for spring-summer 2022: Timeless (ready-to-wear line) and Atelier (customized)

On the catwalk we saw white tops and black decorated skirts featherslace mini with silver appliqués, maxi sleeveless with an abstract pattern inspired by zebra stripes, amaranth and cobalt suits, crystal lined lingerie tops with crinkle pants, turquoise tulle dresses with puffed shoulders, long dresses with sequins and short flirt with asymmetry, sets all in brocade , mini in white gold, jackets sparkling in silver.

Paprocki & Brzozowski Spring-Summer 2022 / photo by Filip Okopny @FashionImages

“The collection is primarily about femininity and women. We waited a long time during the pandemic to make a show and finally this situation happens. The collection has matured for a long time. On the one hand, we will find very elegant suits that appear in different colors and on the other hand – dresses for different moments in a woman’s life “ the talented duo explained to us in an interview.

Tribute to femininity and special moments perfectly seen in the presented suits, shirts, tops or dresses from the Timeless line, which have simple shapes on the one hand and are decorated with stones and feathers on the other. The same goes for the designs of the Atelier line, which are a nod to high-end customization, this time combining the romantic volatility of feathers, translucency and shimmering crystals with rock-sensuous construction. “It is the principle of contrast and a mix of elegance with everyday life, ready to wear with haute couture, romance with rock’n’roll, that is the best and most characteristic showcase of the Paprocki & Brzozowski duo” we read in the press release.

Paprocki & Brzozowski Spring-Summer 2022 / photo by Filip Okopny @FashionImages

In the interview, they revealed even more: “Above collection we worked for four months. It’s really big, so we obviously missed working on strictly show projects and we really wanted to indulge artistically. We focused on romance combined with rock & roll. Traditionally we combine contrasts, we like to play with extremes and it is on the one hand this romance and on the other a dark evening claw that we hope will be clearly visible. The most interesting, in our opinion, will be the stories where the discussed romance meets the aforementioned rock & roll “. They also added: that they use unchanged noble materials. “There will be a lot of silk, flowing chiffons, but also a lot of beautiful luxurious wool. A lot of sparkle, but this flash will not be obvious: not just sequins, but with Swarovski stones† Also one that Mariusz makes from many other fabrics, even patchwork. We are pleased that there is a lot of handicraft in this collection and we hope that the effect will be spectacular as these are materials you will not see anywhere else. In addition, we also focused on featherswhich are a strong accent this season, and for us they will be in pretty surprising colors”

The love for all kinds of femininity was reflected not only in the projects themselves, but also in the show itself.

Here a surprise awaited the gathered guests: it turned out that Paprocki & Brzozowski They invited models (as well as models) of different sizes, shapes, skin tones or ages to the catwalk, proving that their clothes really fit everyone. But that’s not all, because in the projects of Paprocki & Brzozowski that evening we also saw the muse of designers who grew up with them and created the history of fashion in Poland, and now adorned their catwalk: Karolina Malinowska, Kamila Szczawińska, Paulina Krupinska and Ewa Witkowska† At the same time, the brand’s creations could be seen in the audience in the stylizations of stars such as Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak and Małgorzata Socha.

We asked the designers about it favorite silhouettes from the spring-summer collection 2022“They’re all our kids, so it’s actually hard not to love what you’ve invented and made yourself. However, I really like the gold and turquoise colors that appear in the collection” Mariusz Brzozowski replied and Marcin Paprocki added: “And of course I have my loved ones: these are all black and white or black”

Paprocki & Brzozowski Spring-Summer 2022 / photo by Filip Okopny @FashionImages

More than 500 guests filling the city meadow watched a light and fragrant summer show, served with non-obvious and contrasting music. The final full of joy, in the dark and with cooler air, matched the sounds perfectly “It’s raining, man” The Weather Girls, on which models, going out on the catwalk, decided to … dance. The great show was greeted with loud standing applause. This is the fashion we’ve all been missing – daring, beautiful, artistic. Yet given in the form of such a the show: real, tangible, full of sensory experiences, which grounded us and distracted us, at least for a moment, from being in the virtual world.

“The preparations for the last show just before the premiere of the collection were halted by a pandemic. However, this does not mean that we have stopped working. On the contrary – it was a very creative time for us, we have matured and developed as designers , we have redefined the future of our brand. Made in Elektrownia Powiśle, for us it is the culmination of hard work in the privacy of the studio, which we can finally show to our customers and the public ” say the designers, and we congratulate them on a great show as well as a beautiful collection.

Pictures from the catwalk show Paprocki & Brzozowski Spring-Summer 2022 you can see in our gallery.

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