How do you take care of your dog’s hair in the summer? It’s not just a matter of beauty

Regular visits to the groomer will save us a lot of time, and the dog can be a real breath of fresh air, especially in the summer.

Summer is the time of year when both we and our pets have the opportunity to participate in many activities, including joint activities. However, it is worth remembering that since we take care of the dog in winter in terms of thermal comfort or soles exposed to road salt, we should not forget about taking good care of the pet in summer. What should you pay special attention to?

Long days, warm evenings, relatively high air and water temperatures are ideal conditions for enjoying activities with your four-legged friends. Trips to the lake, swimming in the sea or long walks in the woods are just some of the possibilities we can choose from every day.

Don’t forget that we take care of the dog all year round. In the winter we put blankets on the dog so that he does not get cold, and we lubricate the soles of his feet with Vaseline so that he does not suffer from the scorching road salt. And in the summer we must not forget about the basic care of dogs.

The undercoat protects, but sometimes gets in the way

Regular brushing is not a pleasure for every dog ​​(and groomer), although regular brushing with the right amount of patience can get your dog used to it. When we have such an opportunity, let’s teach the pet from the first moments together that combing is okay. It will be useful for a procedure that is also important in the summer. The key word here is the undercoat.

– Under the visible fur of dogs is an extra layer – the so-called undercoat – he says Joanna Kasickaowner of a dog grooming salon dog stop in Gdansk. – It is most adjacent to the skin layer of the coat, which protects the dog’s skin from external factors, such as sun, cold, moisture or mechanical damage. Shedding, unbrushed undercoat remains in the topcoat, creating tangles that disrupt the entire protection process. In addition, parasites or insects can develop in the tufts of unbrushed hair, including ticks, which, if unnoticed, can directly threaten the life and health of the animal. Under the knots, the skin can itch and burn because the thermoregulatory process is not going well. There may also be so-called hot spots, a type of acute inflammation of the skin that can be purulent and difficult to heal.

– To avoid this and to make sure that our dog is comfortable in warm weather, winter and at any other time of the year, we need to brush him regularly. Long-haired dogs are best brushed daily to prevent tangles. However, if we do not have time for the daily ritual, it is worth doing it at least every third day. Short-haired dogs can be brushed less often, for example once a week.

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It’s not just a matter of beauty

– Our job isn’t just “cutting dogs”, it’s a willingness to help them – say the groupers of Passion showrooms in Gdansk. – Many experienced groomers work in our salons, but it is common for the quality of workmanship to match the temperament of your pets. We don’t try to “force” a haircut if we see that your pet isn’t comfortable with it. In such cases, we perform only basic haircuts. Every time after or during the visit, we try to establish contact with the animal owners, which allows us to get to know the four-legged friends who visit the Passion Salon better. For animals who love to care, we offer not only traditional haircuts, but also creative haircuts.
What should you do to properly care for your dog at home? In addition to teaching your dog to remain calm while grooming, make sure you know how to brush your dog to avoid harming him. While this issue doesn’t seem particularly complicated, we should know that some tools must be used extremely delicately and with sensitivity. However, first you need to choose the right tool – a brush, a comb or the so-called furminator.

– The choice of a grooming aid depends on the type of hair of the animal – says the groomer ola from the Stop Dog showroom. – For dogs with long hair, a soft brush, comb and trimmer and/or hairbrush for the specific coat type will be appropriate. Short and short haired dogs can be easily combed with a rubber brush/glove or a furminator. However, working with a furminator requires caution and skill – you can hurt your dog by using the tool inappropriately. The best solution is to go to your groomer and ask for a good grooming. This way you don’t expose your dog to unnecessary cuts and scrapes and you don’t discourage him from working further.

A visit to a groomer is for everyone

Regardless of the age, size and breed of our dog, it is a good idea to visit a professional dog grooming salon. Experts will not only expertly care for our pet, but also advise us on how to keep his coat in good condition every day, between visits.

If only we can, it’s worth going to the groomer for a fitting visit for the first treatments. This is especially true for dogs that we know will benefit from a regular visit to the groomer. We are talking about almost all dog breeds that are preparing for the show, as well as representatives of those breeds with a long coat or a coat that needs regular trimming.

– The dog does not understand what a visit is for him and that two hours in the living room, in the bathtub, with a dryer and strange noises from the machine are for his well-being – notes Joanna Kasicka from the Przystanek Pies salon. – So let’s get to know the place and the trimmer first to reduce the amount of stress on the next visit. Prior to the visit, the groomer must first be informed about the health of the dog, allergies, problems with, for example, joints, airways or teeth. The most important aspect is the dog’s mental state – is he aggressive, anxious or has separation anxiety, is he afraid of blow dryers, how he reacts to stress.

– Before the first visit to the groomer, it is worth accustoming the dog to different parts of the body, especially the mouth and paws, and to the sound of the dryer, vacuum cleaner – adds the groomer of the Przystanek Pies- lounge. – It is also good to leave the dog alone or with a “stranger” so that it does not come as a great shock to him that he is staying for the first time in a strange place, with a stranger who uses unknown tools. It is also very important to touch the dog’s claws, for example when playing – let him get used to the touch in this place, which will make it much easier to cut the claws later.

A dog left in a shopping center

Take care of the dog. You can do it… in the car wash

– Daily brushing and regular visits to the hairdresser ensure a healthy and beautiful appearance of your pet – he informs Anna Klimza from the living room Trimming and grooming dogs in Gdansk. – Neglected and matted hair can be a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which in turn leads to many skin diseases. We do not use sedatives in the salon – if necessary we work with an on-site vet.
When there is a need not only to brush the dog, but also to wash the dog, the residents of the Tri-City can also use … a self-service dog car wash. This is mainly an alternative for people who do not have the conditions to wash their dog at home.

“A home bath seems the most obvious,” says the staff dog wash in Gdansk. – You take your dog to the bathroom, bathe him in a bathtub or paddling pool, dry him off and let him out. Nothing easier, right? And yet, anyone who has tried bathing a dog in a bathroom at home knows that theoretically everything is right, but in practice it could be different. Of course there are dogs that we just put in the bathtub, wash and all, but there are certainly fewer such animals, or rather few of them. Usually it seems that after we wash a dog in the bathroom to clean, we not only have a bathroom, but also the whole apartment.

– The solution is to use the self-service washing dog Wash Dog Express – they add. – You don’t need to make an appointment here. You come when you want and when you need it. The car washes are open every day and all year round. Suitable cosmetics for washing dogs are served directly in the machine, and the water is at a constant temperature, ideal for bathing. The dog stands firmly in the bathtub and after washing you can dry it with a professional dryer built into the machine.

  • Self-service car washes operate in Gdansk and Gdynia, among others.  It is a place where you can bathe your dog comfortably, safely and professionally.
  • Self-service car washes operate in Gdansk and Gdynia, among others.  It is a place where you can bathe your dog comfortably, safely and professionally.

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