Coronavirus in Italy. Is the journey safe? The most important information

  • The COVID-19 infectious disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, broke out in Wuhan, central China, in December
  • In Europe, most cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in northern Italy in recent days
  • The Italian government has issued a decree prohibiting the entry and exit of 10 municipalities in Lombardy and one municipality in Veneto
  • Airports are still open. Airlines do not cancel flights to Italy

The number of cases and victims of the coronavirus in Italy is growing rapidly. In this regard, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that: 11 municipalities in two northern regions – Lombardy and Veneto – considered “red zone” and closed† They cannot be opened or exited. According to Poles living in Italy, the entrances to the village are guarded by the police† On Sunday, all masses, cultural and sporting events were canceled in Lombardy. The Carnival in Venice was also shortened by two days.

Will my flight to Italy continue?

Due to the tense situation surrounding the corona virus, travelers are wondering whether they should cancel their flight to Italy. We asked Ryanair, among others, whether or not their scheduled flights will continue.

We have received similar information from the Dutch airline KLM: – In case Air France and KLM normally fly to Italy – informs the press service of the airlines.

Extra checks at airports

Budapest airport authorities have made a decision on measuring the temperature of passengers arriving in Hungary from Northern Italy. On Sunday afternoon, the first passengers of flights from Bergamo and Treviso were screened – we read on Facebook “Budapest Airport”.

From Tuesday passengers from China and Italywho will come to Poland will have the temperature measured – the press spokesman for the State Airports State Enterprise Piotr Rudzki told PAP when asked whether Polish airports have a special policy regarding the threat of the coronavirus epidemic. They will be subject to the procedure all travelers from these directions, and in case of increased temperature, it will be carried out medical interview. Further decisions will be made in conjunction with the Border Sanitary Inspector.

Should flights be suspended?

– For carriers, the coronavirus problem is a fight against passenger pressure and market expectations and pressure from the unions and fear of the crews† Suspension of connections with China, expected by both sides, it turns out did not solve the problemand it only stopped temporarily. Today, no one can predict the cost, but on a global scale, it involves billions of dollars in losses – says Eryk Kłopotowski in an interview with Onet Podróże.

Photo: PAP

Coronavirus in Italy. Venice

Coronavirus and passenger rights

– Today it is governments and airports that introduce security and the burden is heavier on them the obligation to protect travellers. All airports in Asia have automatic temperature measuring stations and information about safety measures and procedures is disseminated. In addition, the governments of Singapore or Malaysia, for example, do not allow travelers who have been in China in the past two weeks, Kłopotowski summed up.

To go or not to go?

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has issued a warning for travelers to Italy.

On a private Facebook group “Poland in Milan”, one of the people who planned a trip to the Apennine peninsula asked about the current situation. As we read in the comments, users are divided. Some people even discourages travel: “Cancel, why so much risk?”, “Postpone your vacation for another date.”

Should I go to Italy?

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Should I go to Italy?

A lot of people explain that no reason to panic: “The only reason not to come here now is this communication problemsbut if you rent a car, nothing happens.”

Should I go to Italy?

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Should I go to Italy?

Ticket refund

If the travelers ultimately choose not to travel to Italy, in many cases take into account the loss of money for airline tickets. As long as the airlines do not cancel scheduled flights, it is not possible to recover the full amount of the tickets.

In the case of plane flight tickets Wizz Air we can cancel the ticket but it will cost money PLN 264, which means we will get the ticket back minus this amount. So if we paid less than we don’t get any money back.

You can possibly change the date or place of your flight, but this has to do with this with cost† You have to pay the potential the difference in ticket price and the flight change fee.

How to change your flight date or destination with Wizz Air

Photo: Wizz Air

How to change your flight date or destination with Wizz Air

People who own it Ryanair travel tickets, they cannot cancel a flight, but change their date. Please note, however, that the cost of such an option is calculated and may be separately for each booking from 35 to even 95 euros.

People who bought tickets in fares assuming a flight date change, they can do it for free.

Coronavirus symptoms

The coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms. It appears in a sick person high fever and difficulty breathing, as well as headache, sore throat and cough, feeling exhausted, lack of appetite.

Recommendations for returning from Italy

There is no case of coronavirus in Poland. All medical services are ready, we have implemented procedures that until now only concerned Poles returning from China, Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski said, quoted by PAP.

“There is no virus in Poland, but it will appear sooner or later. All medical services are on standby, we have implemented procedures that until now only concerned Poles returning from China “- assured the health minister during a joint press conference on Monday with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński.

He indicated that Poland is preparing for possible infections with the corona virus. “We are launching more labs that will be ready for possible diagnosis of patients for the presence of coronavirus” – he said. The minister indicated that it is not necessary to wear face masks preventively. “This is also not confirmed by international experts. Masks are only needed for sick people, and there are no such people in Poland” – he said.

People returning to Poland from northern Italy and China are checked by sanitation services– he said. He added that”they will receive SMS information on how to proceedRelevant information can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Health. He emphasized that “rational behavior is important for now”.

Source: PAP, Facebook / Poland in Milan, Wizz Air, Ryanair, KLM

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