Ancient money aesthetic? This summer trend will make you feel like you’re on a luxury vacation, even if you’re staying in the city

You don’t have to spend your vacation on a luxury yacht to feel that way. It is enough to buy a few clothes and accessories. It will be much cheaper, especially since you can enjoy it much longer than just one summer. The main thing to bet on things in the “old money” aesthetic. What does this mean in practice? We already explain!

If you’ve come across (and have come across) the “coastal grandmother” slogan, which was recently popularized on TikTok, describing the style of dressing used by Hamptons residents, who, although their childhood is long behind them, can boast spacious villas on the edge of ocean, it will certainly be easier for you to understand another trend that got loud in the summer of 2022. Talking about “old money” aestheticthat’s another incarnation of the trend. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a house in a trendy seaside resort, but just go on vacation. Or you just get a wardrobe similar to the one that works best in such circumstances. Let the inspiration be the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, whose main character enjoyed his life on the beach or sailing on a luxury yacht. What does this mean for people who plan to spend their holidays in the city? We already explain. We provide clothing and accessories that fit the “old money” aesthetic† The key word is simply “quality”.

The second is “flax”Because it is this fabric for the summer that is especially loved by lovers and lovers of luxury holidays by the sea. Nothing unusual. Linen is airy, light and gives the skin a pleasantly cool feeling, allowing it to survive even the greatest heat. And not only with dignity, but also with class. It couldn’t be more elegant. It is not without reason that flax is used to make suits (for men and women) or shirts with a collar, perfect for the office, shorts with a fold and dresses with simple – or more refined – shapes. Linen also makes roomy shopper bags, which are perfect as a beach bag. And espadrilles too – timeless shoes that we took out of our mothers’ closets this summer. For example, linen can be worn from head to toe. Proof? One of the most fashionable styles for the summer of 2022 consists of a linen shirt and trousers (short or long, depending on your preferences). Such a look is the essence of “old money” aesthetics† Especially if you complement the set with comfortable sandals made of cork and high-quality suede leather (yes, Birkenstocks are perfect). The icing on the cake can be a woven bag or a wicker basket.

But You don’t have to wear linen from head to toe to dress in the “old money” aesthetic. The wardrobe can be supplemented with an equally airy and environmentally friendly organic cotton or cashmere – the most luxurious (and therefore the most expensive) wool. cashmere sweaterwhich is worth wearing on your shoulders in the summer on cooler days and evenings is a purchase for much longer than a season – you will enjoy it for years!

As in the case of “grandmother on the coast”, also in the “old money” aesthetics, subdued colors and simple, even ascetic styles work best. Therefore, it is worth choosing white, black and sand tones, as well as clothing such as: long wide trousers with a high waist, shorts with pleats, men-style shirts, minimalist dresses, skirts or voluminous T-shirts. And also linen kimono covers that will replace a classic jacket or sweater in the summer. Unless of course you opt for the aforementioned cashmere pullover or cardigan. When it comes to accessories, we recommend breaking up with a seemingly ordinary look with a patterned silk scarf, sunglasses in tortoiseshell (including feline) frames and elegant sandals on a low, thin heel. We guarantee you’ll look like a million bucks. Not necessarily self deserved. Also inherited from a rich granny or aunt from America.

Below you’ll find styling in the “old money” aestheticwe looked in the streets of the largest metropolises. This proves that the trend works just as well in the city as it does at the seaside. Get inspired!

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