Where is it worth to travel?

It does not matter whether it is an onward journey to one of the European countries or an onward journey to more exotic destinations. Are you looking for an idea for an interesting trip and wondering how to properly plan your trip so that you can get the most out of it? Get to know some interesting places worth visiting at least once in your life.

London – a beautiful capital

This huge city, the capital of England, attracts crowds of tourists. No wonder, this is an unusual place, perfect for both a city break and a longer trip. There are many monuments and places to consider when planning your trip to London. Big Ben and Tower Bridge are some of the most popular places that you can safely say are London’s showpieces. Big Ben is a huge clock that sits on a tower of no less than 96 meters. This building definitely stands out from the city. Tower Bridge, on the other hand, is a beautiful drawbridge over the Thames, built in 1894. It is no ordinary bridge, however – the two towers are connected by two footbridges that can be used by pedestrians.

Another interesting landmark is the Tower of London. It is a kind of fortress surrounded by thick walls and a moat. It is an interesting place, especially for lovers of beautiful architecture, dating back to the Middle Ages, and history buffs. It is in the Tower of London that tourists can see the Crown Jewels, which are located in the treasury. In addition, visitors can also use armor from different eras, a chapel and 4 towers, incl. Green Tower and White Tower.

Do you like to admire beautiful city panoramas during your visit? Then you are not allowed to pass the London Eye. This world famous attraction is another symbol of London. The Ferris wheel, located right on the Thames, is 135 meters long. The full ride takes about 30 minutes and you can enjoy beautiful views during this time.

Zanzibar – bet on the exotic

More and more tourists choose this island belonging to Tanzania as a holiday destination. No wonder – beautiful beaches with almost white sand, turquoise clear water, tranquility and a wonderful climate. All this makes Zanzibar a perfect place to relax. What is worth seeing on this island? One of the biggest attractions is Prison Island. The island’s name comes from the prison built on it. However, this building never served as a prison. However, it is not for this reason that tourists like to travel there so much – you will see beautiful Aldabra turtles and you will get to know the underwater world while diving. It is also worth going to the Jozani National Park – it is covered with a rainforest with different flora and many species of interesting animals, incl. multicolored geese monkeys.

Dubai – where modernity meets Arab culture

This city in the United Arab Emirates is a combination of modernity, high-rise buildings, luxury cars and yachts with traditional Arab culture. You will see here, among other things, The Dubai Marina, where luxury boats are moored, has many restaurants and there are plenty of water sports to do on the beach. To get to know Dubai from a different perspective, it is worth going to the Al Fahidi district. There we can see with our own eyes what Dubai looked like several hundred years ago, how the inhabitants lived and what the architecture of that time was like. You will also taste many traditional dishes here and extra charm is added by the beautiful location of the district, on the Dubai Creek. Want to get a panoramic view of Dubai? Go to one of the many observation decks on Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings.

Marbella, Spain – a sunny city that never sleeps

If you want to feel the unique atmosphere, go to Spain’s Costa del Sol, and more specifically Marbella. This is a city in Andalusia, famous for the best parties. In Marbella it is also worth visiting other cities of Andalusia, such as Malaga, Ronda, Cadiz and Seville. Marbella (visit: https://travelers.pl/marbella-hispania) is a beautiful resort with a great promenade, beautiful beaches, a harbor with expensive boats, many bars and a unique atmosphere. It is the perfect place for those who want to combine relaxation with sightseeing and partying.

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