To book a vacation. Which books should you choose for your trip?

Holidays are a time of blissful rest, giving us the opportunity to finally recharge our batteries for the rest of the year. And while resting in a cozy neighborhood by the sea or in an attractive resort on the other side of the world is a relief, the long journey that precedes it can often give us a headache! So that the time you spend in the car, train or plane doesn’t turn out to be wasted, we present our reading ideas that will work well on the road too!

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Audiobooks for Motorists (and more)

Anyone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel is well aware of the importance of sound in a car. And although we play music most of the time on the road, we don’t have to spend the long journey to the rhythms suggested by radio stations! Listen to a good story instead! The ideal solutions for drivers are therefore: audiobooks in the form of a CD. All you have to do is put the radio play CDs in the player in the car and we have many hours of good entertainment.

Today, more and more publishers are publishing books not only in physical paper versions, but also in electronic versions: for reading and listening. Therefore, you can easily find audiobooks on the topic you are interested in; in this form you will find crime novels, novels, romances, history books, as well as fantasy or horror movies! Audiobooks are read by professional readers, so the contact with this form of a novel will be extremely pleasant.

However, if you only use public transport – you are going on your dream vacation by train, bus or plane, or maybe just in your car, everyone prefers to listen to something different, just download an mp3 audiobook to your phone! In addition to the traditional CD formats, audiobooks are also offered in a fully digital version – you buy, pay for online purchases and have instant access to the selected novel in the spoken version. This means you don’t have to worry about carrying CDs and you don’t have to wait for the delivery of the ordered audiobook.

Language courses and guides for all budgets

Foreign holidays coming up? In addition to sunscreen and sunglasses, there is also literature. Ideally suggestions that will help you consolidate your language skills and repeat key vocabulary in the language you are interested in. Language materials are currently being prepared with different language levels of users in mind and at different prices.

Although tourists are increasingly opting for electronic dictionaries that only need to be installed on the phone, flash cards and pocket paper dictionaries are still very popular. First of all – traditional paper publications will never fail because you don’t have to worry about loading them. And the battery in your mobile phone is hugely important when you travel, even if you have a fully charged power bank handy (don’t forget this when you go on vacation!). You can get the tickets in your pocket at any time – in line at a popular museum, on the metro at Termini station, or while waiting for ordered specialties at a local restaurant.

A wide range of language maps and pocket dictionaries means you don’t have to worry about missing the necessary vocabulary in them. When looking for the perfect flashcards or dictionaries, you can choose the most popular suggestions for vacationers, as well as publications with topics collected by topic – for example, words related to medicine, grammar, idioms and slang vocabulary or words about family and social topics.

Travel guides – you won’t get lost with them!

When choosing a trip to distant and unknown places, we often look for information related to the place of our destination. We want to know not only the main and most popular attractions visited by all tourists, but often also less known, more local and less crowded places.

When you travel for your dream vacation, it is worth preparing the right one tourist guidesallowing us to plan our trip from A to Z. In the currently published guides you will not only find information about the attractions of specific places, but also the most important moments in the history of a particular country, region or city.

Travel guides written by professional guides or globetrotters are often supplemented with original photos, allowing us to decide to choose a specific route or attraction. Contrary to some opinions and reviews on the internet, travel guides are mainly objective and fairly reliable.

Thanks to a wide range of tourist guides, we can plan a trip to almost every country and continent. Currently there are guides to well-known travel destinations such as Greece, Venice, Sicily or Provence and the Cote d’Azur, but also to lesser-known tourist countries such as Malta, Azerbaijan, Andalusia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are also national guides – lovers of mountain trails will certainly be interested, among others, guides to the Tatras, Pieniny and Beskids. In turn, tourists who opt for a more leisurely walk may be interested in publications about famous castles and Polish monuments, among other things.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions to use while traveling. The most important thing is that you bring a good mood!

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