The left party comes up with an idea to reduce the price of a liter of gasoline by 1.6 PLN

The price of a liter of gasoline can fall by PLN 1.60, and diesel by PLN 1.10, the state budget will not lose, it is only urgent for us to adopt project limitation margins in wholesale and retail; it would make the lives of millions of Polish women and Poles easier – members of the left argued on Thursday.

  • Magdalena Biejat, MP, says that if Lewica’s project came into effect, the price of a liter of petrol would fall by as much as PLN 1.6 and the price of diesel by PLN 1.10.
  • This would happen without any loss to the Treasury, and Orlen, who is so concerned about his gains, would still keep them at the level from 2021, whatever.ultrasound.
  • MP Adrian Zandberg ruled that the greed of the fuel sector “is not just and exclusively Mr Obajtek”.

– If our project came into effect, the price of a liter of gasoline would fall by as much as 1.6 PLN and the price of diesel by as much as 1.10 PLN. This would happen without any loss to the Treasury, and Orlen, who is so concerned about his profits, would still keep them at the 2021 level, which was a record year anyway “- said Magdalena Biejat at a press conference in front of PKN headquarters Orlen in Warsaw.

Wholesale and Retail Margin Limitations

She added that the Lewica project “introduces restrictions on wholesale and retail margins on fuels”, ie it narrows the difference between the selling price of fuels and the purchase price.

– It is about limiting the possibility of making a profit, unscrewing the margin and the price spiral on gasoline – emphasized the vice president of the Lewica club.

MP Adrian Zandberg admitted that the rise in the oil price was influenced, among other things, by issues related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. But – he emphasized – “the problem is that petrol prices rose faster than oil prices in world markets”.

– We are realists, so we do not promise that gasoline will be 5 PLN, but we counted it, we came here with specific figures for a meeting with Orlen’s management and Orlen’s management did not deny the figures we brought. There is scope to reduce the price of gasoline by more than PLN 1, because the real cost of producing gasoline from this oil, which is present in the current markets, has not increased as much as the price of gasoline – said Zandberg .

Absolute numbers

According to him, the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, uses the argument of raising the oil price and “says this to right-wing politicians, among others, to justify his pricing policy”.

“But the numbers are very brutal and the company is clearly taking advantage of the difficult situation in world markets to further increase profits, that’s not fair, it’s not fair,” Zandberg said.

MP Tomasz Trela ​​recalled that “Orlem’s profit for 2021 is PLN 11 billion, Orlen’s profit for the first quarter of 2022 is PLN 2.8 billion”.

– It is a billion zloty more than in the corresponding period a year earlier – added the deputy head of the left-wing club.

Trela ​​also referred to the earnings and bonuses paid to Orlen’s management.

– We are not surprised that the team stationed in this building (Orlen) says it is impossible; because they know that if they could and if they wanted to, they wouldn’t make 16 million zlotys a year and their profit wouldn’t be billions — Trela ​​said.

Greed in the fuel sector

MP Zandberg ruled that the president of Orlen “has wrapped many politicians around the finger”, so “the government is on its toes and is afraid to do something.”

At the same time, he stated that “the greed of the fuel sector is not just and exclusively Mr. Obajtek”.

– In Britain, in the United States, both a debate and legal action are underway to curb this greed in the fuel sector. The British will control a special additional tax on obscene profits for companies like Orlen, Zandberg noted.

Left-wing deputies argued that cutting the margin on fuels would have a major impact on the prices of many other goods and services and make life easier for millions of Polish women and Poles who do not have access to organized public transport. According to Biejat, there are now 14 million such people.

Need public transport

– The next step that needs to be taken immediately is to invest in public transport so that people have the choice not to leave so much money out of their budget every time they stop at a gas station. But today these 14 million people have no choice. Nowadays they have to get in the car if they want to go to work, to the office, to get things done, if they want to go to the doctor or to school. And today our job is to improve their situation – said the deputy head of the left club.

Deputy Trela ​​believes that the proposal from the left should be considered by the Sejm at this meeting.

– Today is the meeting of the Sejm and today we can discuss this bill and today we can pass this bill – he said.

As he recalled, “there were sessions of the Sejm, where “in the morning the bill was received and in the evening he left the Sejm because there was something urgent”.

– If the government of Law and Justice needs urgent solutions and cannot prepare them on its own, we have prepared a draft for the left. We demand and demand that this project be discussed and voted on today – said Tomasz Trela.

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