Pension with aparthotel near Natura 2000. Necessary guidance from a botanist and zoologist

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Near Dębowiec, a guest house with an aparthotel and a camping area with camping buildings and parking spaces is to be built within three years. Group J5, who own the land for the ski slope at ul. Karbowa, received an environmental decree, paving the way for obtaining a building permit. The planned investment is located in the buffer zone of the Silesian Beskids Landscape Park, directly adjacent to the nature and landscape complex “Gościnna Dolina”, and 350 meters from the boundary of the investment there is a Natura 2000 area.

The application to start an administrative procedure to take a decision on environmental conditions was submitted at the end of 2021 (read our previous article about this investment – HERE† A few weeks ago, the town hall in Bielsko-Biała made a decision for Grupa J5, which owns more than 1.7 hectares of land facing the Dębowiec slope. The environmental decree formally opens the way for the investor to apply for a building permit.

Naturally valuable neighborhood

Today, the area of ​​​​the planned investment is an undeveloped meadow with herbaceous vegetation and saplings, in part of the plot only the construction of a single-family house has begun, for which the investor plans to turn the function into an apart-hotel and a replacement building permit to get. If the investment on ul. Karbowa is completed, there will be a guest house with gastronomy, an aparthotel, a camping site with ten camping buildings and five camping pitches.

The whole will be supplemented by an administrative and sanitary facility with a gastronomic function and six small tourist service buildings. The plot will also be developed with roads, parking spaces and a retention reservoir. The eastern part of the plot must remain free of buildings (from the north and east the investment area borders the nature and landscape complex “Gościnna Dolina”).

The construction is planned in the buffer zone of the Silesian Beskid Landscape Park and within the reach of the supra-regional ornithological corridor. The nearest Natura 2000 site is approximately 350 meters from the planned development. The planned investment is adjacent to the nature and landscape complex “Gościnna Dolina”, in the southwestern part of ul. Karbowa, there is a valuable stand with the most common hollow trees.

A botanist and zoologist on the construction site

According to officials, “the elements within the scope of the project will not violate the boundaries of this area form of nature conservation”. † Also, the impact of the investment will not be felt as it will be limited to the proposed plot. At the same time, it should be noted that the proposed minimization / restrictive solutions and the violation of the conditions in this decision will additionally limit the possible negative impact of the investment on the natural and landscape complex

In the issued environmental decree, the municipality of Bielsko imposed on the investor the need for “mandatory work of environmental monitoring” with botanical and zoological experience to control the natural environment. It was determined that the supervision of a botanist and zoologist is necessary when carrying out work related to the removal of low vegetation from the investment site, who previously had to inspect the site for the presence of protected habitats and species of plants and animals.

Construction will take three years

The total development area for the planned investment, including the area occupied by construction objects and the remaining area intended for conversion to carry out the investment, as well as the area where greenery may be ordered, is approx. 1.6 hectares, of which a little more than half a hectare, will be a campsite. The surface of external parking garages with the infrastructure for their communication will be approximately 5,200 m², another 600 m². will be occupied by underground garages.

The J5 Group plans to set up three parking zones separately for each type of development: the first car park – with approximately 16 parking spaces – will be operated by a campsite and six buildings, the so-called small services, the second for a guest house with gastronomy is to have approx. 51 spaces “under the cloud” and approx. 10 in the underground garage, the third, last, parking space in front of the aparthotel has approx. 13 outdoor spaces and approx. 11 in the underground garage.

The intention is to have five camper pitches on the campsite. † The buildings will have the character of tourist accommodation and will perform functions related to tourism. Small sales of souvenirs, bicycle and tourist equipment, as well as drinks and food to go, such as burgers and stews, are planned in service buildings – we read in the environmental decree issued. Documentation shows that the investor plans to allow construction work to take approximately three years.

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