No holidays? 5 weekend trip ideas to recharge your batteries

Due to the faster pace of life, going on vacation just once a year is not enough to fully rest and regenerate. In winter we are more and more willing to flee to warmer places and spontaneously buy tickets for cheap flights through Europe or discover previously unknown parts of Poland, without waiting for the summer months. Then suddenly summer comes and we realize that we have already used up all the vacation days this year, and the fatigue is already showing itself… Don’t worry! A weekend trip close to nature allows you to reset and recharge your batteries without taking a vacation from work.

Contact with nature has a beneficial effect on both physical and mental health. It calms, relaxes you, reduces the risk of depression and has a positive influence on the nervous and cardiovascular system. Away from the bustle of the city, surrounded by trees or the sound of waves, your head rests and your body gets oxygen.

If you only have a few weekend days available, make sure your vacation is worth it. Plan a trip to a place where you detox from electronic devices, eat tasty and healthy food, take care of your body and mind, and enjoy a little laziness, beautiful views and silence around you. Bring your partner, family or friends and spend a relaxing time together words weekend in an original place.

In Masuria, in a tree house or by the water

Also called the land of a thousand lakes, Masuria is one of the most picturesque places in Poland. They are ideal areas for practicing water sports – sailing, kayaking or pedal boating. If you’re in the mood for survival experiences, you can pitch a tent at one of the campsites or sleep in the open air. And if you are looking for an unusual accommodation, choose houses … in the treetops. Precisely! For example, Dr Świerk is a wooden house built on a tree. A double bed, a bathroom with shower and a breakfast with local delicacies ensure the total comfort of your stay. Thanks to its numerous lakes, Masuria is also an ideal place to look for accommodation in a house on the water (eg house on the water in Pisz or the houses of Pajda Mazur). To make it more economical, it’s worth renting out a house to a larger group (you can even find one for a dozen people). Offer your family or friends a weekend in Masuria and hit the road!

A romantic weekend for two in a forest landscape

A forest at the foot of the mountains, far away from people, and around only green trees and birds singing … Sounds like a perfect trip for two, that will allow you to slow down and enjoy or just stay in silence side by side? If this is what you need, and you are both lovers of forest walks, hiking in the mountains and in the evenings with a book by the fireplace in an intimate place, then it is better to avoid the centers of the most popular places . Instead, find a cottage for two in the woods where you can cut yourself off from the rest of the world. There are real gems in Lower Silesia. There are wooden Contempplace houses near the Karkonosze Mountains. Here you cook your own meals – just what you like. It is equipped with a library and sun loungers, and nearby there are hiking trails leading to Śnieżka. So you can relax while reading or be more active – climb the mountains. In the same region, in the Bardzkie Mountains, there are Hyttee houses with a fireplace in the living room and a fireplace in the meadow. This is a great option for outdoor dining and extreme sports enthusiasts, as the area offers rafting on the Nysa Kłodzka River.

If Lower Silesia is too far for you for a couple of days trip, then near Warsaw you’ll find Bookworm Cabins – two intimate huts on the edge of the forest. There are shelves full of books, a fireplace, a wooden terrace and a mezzanine bed with a view of the forest. Getting out of the city, especially on hot days, can help you catch your breath for the next work week.

Glamping in the mountains, or exclusive camping

Until now you only associated sleeping in tents with a tight sleeping bag and pinecones in your back? But are exclusive hotels not quite your style? Glamping is for you! Stay in a tent in nature, but in more comfortable conditions than on a traditional campsite. Due to this emerging trend in our country, more and more opportunities are opening up on the market. For example, in Mazovia you will find Kimura Glamping – atmospheric tents for two people, integrated in the local, lush vegetation. Something special awaits you in each of the tents – a raised terrace, easels and paint, a library or a freestanding outdoor pool, perfect for a herbal and romantic bath. Amenities such as a bed, private bathroom and even a SPA zone give you a little luxury while glamping, despite living in a tent in the middle of the forest.

What if you go glamping in the mountains? The shelter are yurts hidden among the greenery in Rudawy Janowickie in Lower Silesia. They are a great option for people who like to spend their time actively – right next to the yurts there are hiking trails to Mała Ostra and Skalnik, where groups of rocks with refined shapes and the Skalny Bridge, characteristic of this region, await you. You can also rent bicycles or go skiing in winter. In yurts in breakfast baskets, delicacies from vegetarian and vegan cuisine await you.

Ideas for a weekend away.

Open air SPA

A weekend trip to the SPA is a classic when it comes to the best ways to relax. However, this time try a SPA that will be different from the rest – instead of treatments in a luxurious hotel, choose a place where you can relax under a cloud, natural treatments and cosmetics, and proximity to greenery. Here the offer is really wide, so you will definitely find something for yourself. In Masuria, visit Camp SPA and enjoy an open-air massage, a mineral bath in an Indonesian bathtub for two and an original, warming infusion of linden flowers and raspberries. A rural SPA near Warsaw tempts you with a facial massage, a session in an alder sauna and workshops to create your own natural cosmetics, organized in summer. However, in the SPA in Duszniki-Zdrój Dziki, the sauna is located on a hill and you can rent it exclusively: for a date or a meeting with friends. In addition, summer baths in herbs and flowers in the open air, stamp massage and weekend reset guaranteed!

Seaside relaxation on the Polish Baltic Sea

I think nothing calms you more than the sight of the sea and the rhythmic sound of the waves. The central coast of the Baltic Sea includes: the beautiful landscape of the Slavic National Park, dunes, Lake Łebsko, lighthouses and numerous cycling routes. Admiring the coast from two wheels will allow you to move quickly between coastal towns while actively resting and breathing the iodine-filled air. You can also rent kayaks and swim in the surrounding lakes, or just sit on the sand and look into the distance.

The biggest beach towns filled with crowds of tourists probably won’t guarantee you the full reset you want. Stay somewhere away from people. Here too, the houses near the forest, ten minutes from the beach, will be perfect, such as the Momenta Cottages equipped with, among other things. with yoga sets, a bookcase and board games. And if you wait until the fall before you leave, you’ll also have a graduation tower and a sauna with a view of the pine forest at your disposal. A little further west, in the Kashubian village of Lubkowo, are wooden Komorebi houses. It is worth coming here with children or friends, as they can accommodate up to 5 people, and even a dog. They are located right on Lake Żarnowieckie, so you can get to the beach on foot or by bike. It is also a great starting point for a longer bike ride to the Hel Peninsula – you will enjoy the beautiful vegetation and feel the local microclimate.

In many places you will find relatively attractive offers even in the summer months. However, if you want better prices, plan a trip out of season. When choosing, it is also worth taking into account the location in order not to lose too much time on the journey and to be able to enjoy the long desired weekend rest close to nature for as long as possible.


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