New Microsoft Teams Features Despite Elon Musk

At least in our country, the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down and the number of cases is minimal. The situation is no longer so good abroad. In Italy or Germany, for example, the number of cases is approaching the alarming level of 100,000 people per day. This means remote working isn’t going to end anytime soon, and new Microsoft Teams features will be helpful in increasing productivity. The Redmond giant boasted of the news that accompanied the filing in June. Meetings, chats have been improved and the program users have become even more integrated. All this despite Elon Musk, who is a staunch opponent of remote work.

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New Microsoft Teams Features


Microsoft has introduced a great novelty that will be useful in companies that employ foreigners. Currently, there is really a huge number of Ukrainians in our labor market, so employers will be happy to take advantage of the June news. It is about the ability to organize meeting invitations in two languages ​​at once, which is for example Polish and Ukrainian. To use this option in an email (e.g. Outlook), activate the parameter MeetingInviteLanguages in CsTeamsMeetingPolicy at the user or group level, or for the entire organization.

There is also a handy option for administrators who can now disable access to chat records for unauthenticated users outside the enterprise. This is an extra security so that outsiders do not have constant access to important information from the chat. To use this option you need to enable PowerShell and type [-MeetingChatEnabledType = Enabled, Disabled lub EnabledExceptAnonymous] or do it through the admin portal.

A handy feature also appeared for Teams users using a web browser. They can use CART signatures in the Microsoft Teams meeting window without having to switch windows. In addition, the real-time subtitle and transcription function in 27 languages ​​has been added to the browser version. Czech, Thai, Hebrew, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Turkish languages ​​have been added here.

In addition, meeting initiators can share control by assigning the co-host role to up to 10 meeting participants. They get almost the same functions as the founder of the meeting. The options for managing subgroup rooms or managing meeting recordings are disabled here.

Improved chat

Starting in June, Microsoft Teams chat is coming to Dynamics 365. This means increased productivity without distracting from your day-to-day activities. The new option offers to associate existing or new messages with Dynamics 365 records.

Microsoft Teams chat

Improved electronic signature approvals fully embedded in Teams. You no longer need to log in to the e-signature provider’s website. The same goes for chats and previously created channels.

New Microsoft Teams features also include the ability to view and edit PDF files directly from the application† This allows you to speed up the process without opening an additional window.

New devices especially for Teams

Yealink meeting board

The new features of Microsoft Teams are not only software solutions, but also hardware. Microsoft continues to expand the list of devices that enhance the Teams experience. This month it is worth noting:

  • Yealink Meeting Board 65″ – is a giant 65-inch touchscreen display that makes it easy for a presentation and hybrid conference. It is supported by 4K cameras, microphones and speakers. This is great for mixed work with Microsoft Teams.
  • Biamp Tesira ForteX and Devio SCX – audio solutions for medium and large meeting rooms. Their advantage is adjusting the sound settings so that the quality is perfect for the listeners of each room.
  • EPOS C10, C20 and C50 – wireless headsets with noise canceling function.
  • Jabra Engage 55 – another wireless headset designed for hybrid workers who talk a lot and need to listen carefully to others. Here too there is a noise canceling option.
  • Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor – Teams meeting monitor is equipped with a camera and an IPS panel.

Mobile systems

New Microsoft Teams features for smartphones include: the ability to display messages in the form of balloons. Available on iOS and Android, this novelty makes it much easier to review the latest information and view guest presentations or faces at the same time. You do not need to manually open the chat window to view the messages. This option can be disabled temporarily for a particular meeting or completely – permanently.

Teams Notifications

In addition, on Android, notification support has been improved by adding a drawer at the top of the screen. Users can view, collapse and delete all notifications with a single Clear all button.

The novelty also appeared in the iPadOS system. We see the updated Teams mobile meeting experience here via the multitasking dashboard. It’s a collapsible panel on the right side of the screen that contains chat messages, among other things.

It’s worth adding that smartphone users can now easily perform electronic signature approval requests from any mobile device.

source: microsoft

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