My beautiful summer with “Good Advice”. Take part in the competition and win attractive prizes, including weekend voucher in a luxury SPA!

The contest »My beautiful summer with”Good Advice”« is about to start, where you can win a pool of fantastic prizes. Get to know the details!

Competition task:

Show us how “Good Advice” accompanies you on your travels, on a walk, on the beach, or perhaps in a kayak, or over a cup of coffee on a flower balcony. Take a picture of yourself and post it in the contest post on the Facebook profile of the monthly “Dobre Rady” or send it to us at:

Duration of the competition: July 6-26, 2022.

Competition rules

1 x voucher for 2 persons with 2 accommodation and meals and a SPA package in the Masovian hotel Manor House SPA **** – Odrowążów Palace *****

Welcome to the best holistic SPA hotel in Poland, suitable for adults (hotel without children) and vegans, located in a historical park. The offer includes relaxing treatments and energy therapies in bio-renovation cabinets, a chlorine-free swimming pool, Roman baths, gong concerts and a meditation garden.

1 x Costway Cosmetic Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool

Probably each of us dreams of having a place only for ourselves in the bedroom. The Costway dressing table with three spacious drawers is the perfect place to store cosmetics or jewelry. The hidden compartment is divided into seven sections to make it easier to organize the space. The set is made of high quality wood.

5 x set of silver jewelry (bracelet and earrings) from the latest collection of Senza Verona

The SENZA collection is the perfect combination of simplicity with an expressive shape that catches the eye and is powerful. Perfect both if you like strong jewelry, but also if you want to give yourself confidence. It will be perfect for larger events, it will enhance the classic styling.

5 x Notino Wooden Collection brushes set

Notino Wooden Collection brushes have very dense and soft bristles, allowing you to create perfect and professional-looking makeup. They are vegan and have walnut wood handles that are comfortable to hold.

1 x stay for 2 persons in Binkowski Resort **** in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Binkowski Resort **** is a new luxury leisure and recreation center. The SPA is located just a few minutes’ drive from the center of Kielce, in the green areas of Baranowski Park, near the Biesak-Białogon Reserve and the popular Kadzielnia. It is also a tropical, sunny island 365 days a year. Weekly stay: 2 days with breakfast, half board and unlimited relaxation in Tropical Pools.

10 x Prouvé body cosmetics set (body gel, scrub and lotion)

Vegan cosmetics for body care Simply Pleasures from Prouvé cares for the skin in three steps, thanks to specially selected active ingredients (including Xeradin™, a botanical complex of 5 algae). They make it well hydrated, smooth and soft. They turn daily care into a fragrant, relaxing ritual.

4 x OCHNIK cabin case

Perfect for long and short rides. The small case is made of lightweight, durable and damage-resistant ABS material. Inside, the room is divided into two parts, in one space closed with a zipper material, in the other – with elastic bands. It works well as hand luggage for airlines, incl. LOT, Ryanair (size 55 × 40 × 20.5 cm).

5 x Set of Handmade Ceramic Vases from Beliani

Beautiful, in good taste, timeless. An interesting combination of colors will make the vases one of the main elements of the living room. In the online store you will also find furniture and other attractive accessories for your home and garden.

5 x set: AQUAPHOR J. Shmidt 500 filter jug ​​and AQUAPHOR City filter bottle

AQUAPHOR J. Shmidt 500 is an electronic filter pitcher with an automatically controlled micro-pump, powered by a battery with a microprocessor. Provides constant access to crystal clear water. You can use it at home and take it with you on vacation with an unknown water source. In turn, the AQUAPHOR City filter bottle fits in the bag. It is useful for sports, walking, school or office. The bottle is lightweight, holds 0.5 l and prevents it from slipping out of your hands and spilling water during travel.


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