Makeup for the summer. How do you make makeup that will survive a hot day?

Foundation or BB cream, lipstick or lip gloss, cream or press shadows, mascara or eyeliner? Magdalena Pieczonka, makeup artist, explains how to create an effective yet permanent makeup that survives even the hottest heat.

Summer foundation. Which one to choose?

How should summer makeup be different from winter makeup?

In the summer, first of all, it should be lighter. The foundation can be replaced with a BB-type toning cream. In winter, a stronger foundation gives the skin extra protection against frost. However, on sunny days, our skin will be grateful for choosing a cosmetic with a higher UV filter. Not only the foundation, but also the day cream must necessarily contain filters with a sufficiently high SPF content. However, keep in mind that the sunscreen only works for a few hours. During the day we can additionally use a mist with sun protection.

In the summer, it is also worth giving up intensive eye makeup and emphasizing the lips more strongly. On the other hand, we turn the powder blush into a cosmetic with a creamy consistency. By gently rubbing the cheekbones, you will get a more natural effect.

Which foundation do you choose in the summer and how do you apply it afterwards so that it does not stick to the skin?

It is important that the skin is well prepared, ie well cleansed and hydrated. Regular care is the basis of good make-up. It is worth regularly exfoliating the skin with peels to keep the texture smooth. As for the choice of foundation, it all depends on what effect we want to achieve. If the skin is shiny, choose a mattifying foundation. If we want to hide small imperfections – more durable and with more pigments. If the skin is beautiful, we can opt for a light, illuminating foundation. However, it is always worth remembering that on sunny days, color creams are much better than high coverage foundations. This type of cosmetic makes the face look fresher and more natural in full sun. Their job is not to cover up all the imperfections of the skin, but to even out the color and add shine.

Blush or bronzing powder in the summer?

What works better on the cheeks in the summer – blush or bronzing powder?

We can use both bronzer and blush. The former beautifully shapes the facial features, the latter gives us grace and girlishness. A good bronzing powder can also create the effect of a beautifully tanned skin. Even on pale skin, a light bronzer looks natural and holiday-like. I especially recommend those in cooler colors, with no visible lightening particles. We apply them with a soft brush, necessarily in daylight, starting with a small amount of the product. We apply the powder in circular motions where the sun naturally tans the face, ie on the top of the cheekbones, on the forehead at the hairline, on the nose and neckline. We must not forget to brush the neck so that it does not stand out with the color of the face.

In what situations is it worth using mists that fix makeup?

We usually use fixatives for big events and parties. During the day we can also use a moisturizing mist, in the summer it is worth going to those that contain sunscreen.

If we want to look fresh all day long despite the heat, it is worth starting with makeup with a mattifying base that helps to maintain it. Then we apply a mattifying foundation with a light consistency, preferably with a damp sponge. It is a great patent to make the cosmetic almost invisible on the skin. Only at the end do we spray all make-up with a fixing mist.

Keep the cosmetic at least 30 centimeters away from the face. During the day, instead of powder, it is better to have matting paper on hand, which will allow you to remove excess sebum from your face without applying an extra layer of cosmetics . The skin should look healthy and moist, not sweaty and shiny.

What is the best way to paint your lips: with a lip gloss, liquid lipstick or a protective balm?

It depends on what effect we want and the condition of the lips. Matte lipsticks do not like dry surfaces, so in order to use them, we have to make sure that the lips are well moisturized. Especially that in the summer, under the influence of the sun, they become more prone to splitting and drying out. For this reason, it is worth reaching for protective lipsticks during the holidays. Ideally, those that moisturize the lips like a balm and add color to them at the same time.

Eye makeup in the summer – which shadows and mascaras should you use?

How to paint your eyes Will the shadows in the powder or in the cream work better?

Classic powder shadows, under the influence of high temperature and moist air, collect in the lid crease and give the eyes a tired look. That’s why cream eyeshadows work better in the summer – they look more natural and are easier to use.

It is enough to brush them over the movable part of the upper eyelids and the make-up is ready. We can give them up and just draw a line and mascara the lashes. Such makeup always looks good. To diversify it, choose a colorful eyeliner, preferably in a striking turquoise or navy blue color. Both go well with a delicate tan.

Does it make sense to replace the mascara with a waterproof one in the summer?

If you plan on spending a lot of time by the water or in a very humid climate, you can of course use waterproof mascara. However, let’s keep in mind that washing dishes is much more difficult – that’s why I suggest not using it all the time. After all, we do not want to deteriorate the condition of the eyelashes. However, it is very important to take care of the appearance of the eyebrows. If they are too light, facial features can become blurry. Therefore, before going on vacation, it is worth taking advantage of the service of regulating and dyeing them with henna. By the way, you can also emphasize the eyelashes in this way. And the eye frame problem is solved.

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