Legal Shield – a project to simplify procedures

The legal shield is to reduce regulatory pressure that is unfavorable for the functioning of citizens and businesses. Everyone – citizens, entrepreneurs and public administration – will benefit from the solutions we propose in the Shield. We want administrative procedures to be handled even faster and more efficiently. Thanks to the wide use of digital solutions, we save time and lower the costs of handling cases. This will contribute to better cooperation between citizens and government, says Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda.

Over 40 accounts to be changed

The Council of Ministers has adopted a bill amending certain laws to: simplification of administrative procedures for citizens and entrepreneurs, the so-called “Legal Shield”† This draft provides for the amendment of more than 40 laws. The project is the implementation of two measures from the National Plan for Reconstruction and Increasing Resilience.

Fewer administrative barriers

In the legal environment, there are still excessive demands and administrative burdens that negatively affect the competitiveness of the Polish economy, as well as the attitude of citizens towards the state. We want to remove or adapt administrative and legal barriers so that they are accessible to their citizens. It is very important in times of economic difficulties as a result of, among other things, the geopolitical situation. The introduction of the “legal shield” will contribute to meeting the challenges related to the resilience and competitiveness of the Polish economy – emphasized Minister Waldemar Buda.

Deputy Minister Olga Semeniuk noted that the project includes solutions that: will have a positive impact on the labor market. The development of entrepreneurship as a result of the reduction of administrative burdens should translate into an increase in employmentbut also encourage individual industry groups to acquire additional rights related to the facilities introduced.

The reform of the legal environment was reflected in reduction of obligations, electronic procedures and in other simplifications, it will support social and economic development, added Deputy Minister Olga Semeniuk.

The most important new solutions

  • the use of, among other things, simplified or silent procedures to settle the matter under a fishing license, seaman’s book, the granting of mountain guide qualifications and the granting of the right to issue certificates confirming the healing properties of document natural medicinal raw materials and the healing properties of the climate
  • streamlining procedures, including limitation of the number of copies of the application submitted in the procedure for issuing a permit to determine the location and conditions for the use of artificial islands, structures and devices in Polish sea areas
  • carefully introduce single instanceincluding registration in the register of experts on types of agri-food products, permission to reclassify geological resources and an order to study the workings and submit a registration study on another date
  • electronics of procedures, including:
  • keeping records of individual hunts only in electronic form,
  • the possibility to submit an application for a water permit and an application for a commitment to issue a water permit using application templates,
  • full introduction automation of the method of reporting to the Insurance Guarantee Fund by tour operators and entrepreneurs
  • the possibility of, among other things, folding applications for student grants and the processing thereof by the university via the university’s student service system.

With the adoption of the bill by the Council of Ministers, a start can be made on parliamentary work on this bill.

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