How do you set up a nursing home? Legal, Human Resources and Building Requirements

Unfortunately, in general opinion Nursing homes usually do not mate well. Many people fear that the costs in such facilities are treated poorly by the staff. Yes, such situations have happened in the past, but it cannot be attributed to all objects. It is very common that people who have been placed in a care home receive better support there than if they lived with their families.

Private Nursing Home – Requirements

An entrepreneur who wants to set up social housing must obtain a permit from the voivode. In order to obtain approval and a positive assessment, it appears that the conditions and standards of the Social Assistance Act must be met. The founder of the nursing home needs to know what documentation should include for the decision-making authorities. The entrepreneur is obliged to deliver the following letters:

  • application for a permit;
  • documents confirming legal ownership of the property/plot (on which the building will be placed);
  • certificate from the competent authority confirming the possibility of using the facility listed in category XI of the annex to the law of 7 July 1994 – Construction law;
  • the concept of running a facility;
  • information about the method financing of nursing homes and are not in arrears with payments to the tax authorities and contributions to the Social Insurance Institution;
  • information from the National Criminal Register about the clean criminal record of the person who will be in charge of the facility, as well as a certificate confirming that her state of health allows for this type of activity.

Nursing home – technical requirements

Before issuing a permit to establish a nursing home, it is necessary to check the living conditions† This is done by employees of the Department of the Voivodeship Bureau (authorised for assistance). They inspect the building, all rooms and locations and assess whether: rest at home it was well located and whether it met the requirements.

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Such facilities may be operated by natural or legal persons (excluding partner companies). The entrepreneur is obliged to register the activity or registered partnership in CEIDG (as a sole proprietorship) or in the National Register (as general partnership, limited partnership, limited partnership with shares, public limited company or public limited company) respectively. Services provided by nursing homes are exempt from VAT on the basis of art. 43 section 1 point 22 of the law on the tax on goods and services.

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Living rooms in such healthcare institutions must meet certain criteria:

  • a single room must not be less than 9 m² / person;
  • a multiple room may not be smaller than 6 m²/person;
  • a dormitory can accommodate up to three students who can move around independently or four students who lie down;
  • the room must be equipped with rehabilitation beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, table, chairs and an appropriate number of sockets.

How do you set up a nursing home?

What else is needed to wear? rest at homeRequirements they mainly relate to the building. The property should be divided into rooms such as:

  • living rooms;
  • Toilets;
  • bathrooms;
  • dining room;
  • living rooms;
  • medical emergency post;
  • guest room;
  • a room intended for washing and drying;
  • additional stove;
  • place of religious worship.

There must be at least one bathroom for five residents and at least one toilet for four residents. These rooms should have grab bars to assist people with reduced mobility to perform hygienic activities. It is important that seniors can move freely. For example, the lowered thresholds in shower cubicles are also important.

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Nursing home – requirements for individual assistance to seniors

To the tasks nursing home socially, it is necessary to provide comfortable housing, nutrition and care. Staff are required to assist seniors in basic life activities (eating, maintaining hygiene, caring for illness).

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People who live in a nursing home should know that they can count on staff for personal matters as well. It is essential to ensure the physical and mental comfort of retirees. They should be treated appropriately with respect for their dignity, intimacy and freedom. The scope of the care is geared to the physical capabilities and health of the residents of the institution.

Nursing Home – Nutrition and Staffing Requirements

According to our manual, in accordance with the change of regulations, working in nursing home, you must have documented qualifications necessary to practice the profession. The facility staff usually consists of a doctor, nurse, paramedic, caregiver for the elderly, medical caretaker and assistant for the disabled. Every employee must have completed a first aid course.

rest at home it should also provide food adapted to the health of seniors. A dietitian helps with the preparation of diets and the composition of meals. Staff are obliged to feed people who cannot feed themselves. In nursing homes a minimum of three meals per day should be provided, the last of which should be no earlier than 6pm. Seniors should have access to snacks and drinks and eat them in their room. In other words, a retirement home is a home for 24/7 assistance to the elderly.

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