Houses for sale Gdańsk Osowa. Lakeside living in the Tri-City

Residents of houses in Osowo, one of the few in the Tri-City, can enjoy quick access to the lakes. Some residences are located near water reservoirs and from the eye of the house you can see Lake Osowskie or Lake Wysockie. Good places to be outdoors – summer baths, fishing or long walks in the area.

Houses in Gdańsk Osowo are eagerly chosen by people who are looking for tranquility, but at the same time appreciate a good infrastructure and quick access to the center. The lakes are dominated by secondary market buildings, but you can also find new houses – mainly terraced and semi-detached houses.

Houses in Osowo overlooking Lake Wysockie

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Osowo near Lake Wysocki offer you quick access to the beach. The water reservoir is located in a straight line, a few hundred meters from the PKM Gdańsk Osowa stop. In the immediate vicinity there are also single-family homes, forests and green areas.

You can walk on a scenic route around the lake. The border between Gdańsk and Żukowo Municipality runs through the center. Located nearby part of the Virgin Mary walking trailconnecting Gdynia to Osowa.

There is a beach on the southern shore of Chwaszczyno. It functions on the western part of the coast sailing school and water equipment rentalwhich were created on the initiative of the participants of the Olympic Games in water sports – Przemysław Miarczyński and Monika Bronicka, as well as Jarosław Miarczyński – the coach of the Norwegian national team in windsurfing.

Wysockie Lake not only fulfills a recreational role, but is also a great spot for anglers. The reservoir is dominated by bream, tench and roach, there are also pike, perches, eel and crucible. It has an area of ​​32-37 ha and the maximum depth is 5.9 m.

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Osowo near Wysocki Lake combine the advantages of city life with closeness to nature.

Wysockie Lake near the houses for sale in Gdańsk Osowo

Osowskie and Wysockie Lakes are often confused because of their proximity. It is not possible to walk around the entire reservoir. The southern part of the lake belongs to the territory of Gdańsk, and the northern part of the belt of the Chwarzczyńskie hills begins. Near the lake there is the tourist trail of the Maria well, which leads from Osowa to Gdynia. The reservoir has an area of ​​29.1 ha and the maximum depth is 9 m.

There is a legend associated with the reservoir. At the bottom you can see a rocky shallow called The Passage of the Devil† According to the legend, the devil began to build a bridge in this place, which ended after losing the bet with Kashubia.

Osowskie Lake is not only a bathing beach, but also places for fishing. The tank contains perch, zander, tench or eel.

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Osów – living comfort among the greenery

Many houses in Gdańsk Osowo are close to the lake. The market offers housing next to the coast or a few minutes’ walk from the reservoir. Residents can enjoy the view of the lake and the green areas.

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Osów are buildings from the early 1990s, as well as real estate built in recent years. A large surface (from 150 to 350 m²) allows you to arrange the space according to your expectations. There are also larger facilities up to 600 – 900 m² in size. A plot with a garden should also be added to the square meters.

The residents of the district can take advantage of numerous parks and forests, incl. areas of the Tri-City Landscape Park† Hiking and biking trails encourage outdoor activities.

Osowa has its own microclimate – summers are about 3 degrees Celsius warmer and winters about 2 degrees Celsius cooler than in coastal areas.

How much does a house for sale in Gdynia Osowo near the lake cost?

For a house with an area of ​​approximately 200-300 m² you have to pay 1 to even 3 million PLN.

The cost of a terraced house is slightly lower and is about 1 million PLN.

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