From 2023, a building permit is no longer required. The cabinet is expanding the simplified procedure to single-family homes larger than 70 m2

From next year, the construction of a private residence with a maximum of two storeys only needs to be registered with the construction project. Only a professional construction manager is required – according to the announcements of the Ministry of Development and Technology and the General Construction Supervision Inspectorate. At the moment, the simplified procedure is valid for the construction of a house with an area of ​​​​no more than 70 m2. The new regulation therefore means that it will be extended to all single-family homes, without limiting the surface area.

– Canceling the building permit for single-family homes, as evidenced by the previously introduced application procedure for homes up to 70 m2, is a good direction. First of all, it’s a great simplification for investors, which will translate into time and money savings, said Dorota Cabańska, superintendent of construction supervision for the agency Newseria Biznes.

During the press conference, the Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, announced that the government intends to completely abolish the permit requirement for the construction of single-family houses for private housing, without restrictions on built-up areas. † The new regulations, which are being drawn up in consultation with the building inspectorate, would come into effect in 2023.

After submitting the application, construction can start

– According to the regulations we design, it is enough for an investor who wants to build a two-storey single-family house, without limiting the area, to submit such an application to the competent authority and start construction. He does not have to wait for the decision to be made, says Dorota Cabańska. – We assume that these new regulations will come into force at the beginning of the new year. We are currently at the stage of the legislative process, we are getting an entry on the list of legislative works and we will strive to get this amendment into force as soon as possible.

Mandatory with the construction manager

However, as he points out, the regulatory change will most likely be accompanied by construction safety requirements.

– An important element is that such an investment will have to have a construction manager – says the Chief Inspector of Construction Supervision. – It is the site manager who has the necessary qualifications, authorizations and takes care of all elements related to safety and acceptance of single-family homes.

At present, such regulations apply to the construction of houses up to 70 m2

At the moment, anyone who owns a building plot can build a house on it up to 70 m2. in a simplified procedure, ie without a building permit. The design of such a building can be downloaded from the Bureau Bouwtoezicht website and then adapted to the plot of land that is owned.

– There is a lot of interest in the construction of homes up to 70 m2. They became popular just when we made free building projects available for download – says Dorota Cabańska. – The catalog has been prepared in such a way that it can always be supplemented, so many more interesting projects will certainly be published in it. We assume that it will be systematically expanded with new, also non-competitive, construction projects.

Ready projects on the GUNB website

More than 20 versions of construction projects are available on the GUNB website. However, in the end it will be about 70. The investor can download such a project, order the designer to draw it on the plot, fill in the required documents and submit an application to the starosty. Construction can start the day after notification.

– After registrations and the number of downloads, we can see that citizens are interested in this program. In the four days since we published the designs, they have been downloaded more than 150 times. We also have about 400 registered applications for the construction of homes up to 70 m2. in this simplified procedure – says the Chief Building Supervision Inspector.

Construction of houses up to 70 m2. for own housing in a simplified procedure, without a building permit, was one of the important changes introduced as part of the Polish Deal. These rules have been in effect since the beginning of this year

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