Festival-goer Maja Bohosiewicz shows off (?) Train travel AFTER GAPĘ: “I don’t have a ticket, I feel like a high school student” (PHOTO)

these years Open’er Festival it will surely be remembered by Polish festival goers. On Friday, the participants of the loud event, whose stars would be among others Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion, the decision of the organizers to interrupt the concerts due to the weather conditions surprised. After the heat wave, a storm front crossed Poland and the weather situation got out of hand.

The situation is dead, we were about to go to Due Lipa but there is Armageddon, railings are flying, the festival has been evacuated – she said on Instastories Agnieszka Wosniak-Starak

Final participants Open’er Festival they had to evacuate and (according to many) the most important concerts of the day did not take place. At this point, it’s worth noting that some people did a lot to see their idols on stage, as she proved Maja Bohosiewicz† In the morning, the celebrity wondered if the impromptu trip to Gdynia was worth it. A moment later she was on her way.

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Maja gathered and went to the Tri-City, about which, of course, she informed her followers on Instagram. We learn from the records that, if they were curious, she had on two panties and in her bag she put perfumes or drugs† Unfortunately, one was missing – train ticket† It was no problem for Maja, and she praised it herself and wrote immediately that she went to the element.

I put everything in my bag for two days to jump directly from the train on Dua Lipa. I have two panties on my ass – one more for tomorrow. I have perfume, drugs, make-up, a book. I just don’t have a train ticket – because they don’t exist. Also…YOLO – she wrote.

If you thought stowaway is annoying after all, we’re in a hurry to inform you that Bohosiewicz has no similar thoughts. As she claims, for a moment she felt like she was in high school.

And right now I feel like a high school student. I drink beer in Wars, I have no money, my phone is dead and I am waiting for the concerts. Jesus. God – she reported on the occasion of the photos from the frog’s perspective.

Eventually Maja reached the Tri-City, but – as you know – Dua Lipa did not perform. However, the whole effort had not been in vain, because after asking the observers if anything was known about the resumption of the concerts, the celebrity praised the recording on which she marked a few friends. So we assume it was worth it, and at least Maja got us a ticket to the festival…

Is there really anything to be proud of?

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His phone is dead, but he’s adding messages?

What a fake. Yes, no cash but has a card to pay. She didn’t pay for a beer in Warsaw, which she ran away 🙂

They have learned that they get everything from companies and they don’t even have a ticket. If we all did this, the turn would collapse. Shame

There’s nothing to brag about, her also someone shouldn’t pay for the job, just like for the eggs

Apparently she has bad blood results and doesn’t have the strength to get out of bed, she wouldn’t be able to play at the concert, a fool with this disease

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She looks bad my grandmother

And how is a stowaway different from theft?

I can’t, what nonsense.

This “beauty” is cash in Dubai, and she can’t afford Polish railways? She had to have a Ukrainian passport. They deserve everything. She is a perfect match for their beauty and behavior.

I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s crazy… 😂

Such a pleasure for a trip on a gape is PLN 160 for spending a ticket plus the normal cost for the trip. It’s not possible to yawn, it’s not those times anymore.

My dog ​​is more beautiful than her and no one wants to write about him!

I even admire how you can be such an ugly nightmare, your sister’s daughter.

They all hang out in the Maldives buying leftover gingerbread from the store. I don’t know who this woman is

No strength to get out of bed, bad blood results yes, but yesterday there was a good party riding a horse like in a big crippled video. managed to see Hypocrisy so much in the subject. When I was anemic and bad results, I burned all day and didn’t have the strength to get out of bed, and what to do, go chill at the party

Maja took everything to the concert but forgot to bring it. Though I wonder if she has it at all. There is a lot of suspicion.

Mrs. Maja changes her underwear, changes the layers of her panties, and she feels like a high school student because she drives without a ticket. It appears from the contents of her statements and form that she did not or did not go to secondary school very often.

She apparently has a personality disorder, she used to talk meaningless on insta story, but now she makes fun of herself. She feels sorry for her children when she sees her statements on the internet. Taking everything out, did she really have to say she was wearing 2 panties, does anyone need this knowledge? Maja takes your medicines regularly, do not stop if you want to drink or do not mix with alcohol.

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