Fashionable manicure for the summer of 2022 – colors, patterns, shapes of nails

The manicure trends for the summer of 2022 combine the classics and the madness. Because of this, both brave women and minimalists will find something for themselves in them. Check out what shape of nails is reigning this summer. Discover the fashionable colors and patterns in the manicure for the summer of 2022 and be inspired by our proposals! Read our step-by-step tips for creating the perfect manicure.

Holidays and sun provide more freedom! So get ready for original decorations, play with color. Nail care only takes 15 minutes!

How to make a fashionable manicure for the summer? Step-by-step

The best way to start a manicure is by filing your nails. Make sure the tile is dry. This way you can quickly shape your dream and avoid the risk of damage (wet nails are soft and can split and break during filing). If you have soft nails, cut them with a glass file. For normal tiles, paper with a grain of 240 is good, and for hard tiles – 180.

Make short movements with the nail file from the edge of the nail to the center. Finally, drive it from coast to coast. You can also lightly smooth the nails with a polisher.

How to remove the skin?

Dip your fingers in a bowl of warm water (you can add a little soap). This softens the cuticles and makes it easier to remove them. Instead of soaking, you can brush the cuticles with an emollient. After 2 minutes, carefully remove the skin with a wooden stick (a metal stick pressed too hard can damage the matrix). You can carefully cut off any protruding hides with pliers.

How to clean plates and paint nails?

Before painting, the tiles must be completely smooth and dry. Run a cotton ball moistened with nail degreaser through each plate.

Apply a nail base under the polish. It will smooth them out nicely and facilitate the adhesion of the glaze. The base is essential when you want to use dark lacquer. This prevents discoloration.

Apply the nail polish exactly on it. If you perform a hybrid manicure, each layer must be fixed in the lamp.

Fashionable shapes of nails for the summer of 2022

The choice of nail shapes is very large. But what should you bet on in the summer of 2022? There are three forms, especially in trends. One of them looks great even on short nails.

Square nails in the trends for the summer of 2022

The square shape of the nails is completely in trend for the summer of 2022

Comfortable, with a long but flat tip, effective even on shorter boards.

Stiletto nails are a hit in summer manicure

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Stiletto-shaped nails are the hit of summer 2022

These pointed plates extend the fingers. In the shorter version, they look less avant-garde.

Ballerina nails fashionable in summer manicure

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Ballerina is a fashionable nail shape in the summer of 2022

The slanted sides and a flat tip are a must for ladies who like long plates.

The most fashionable colors in manicure for the summer of 2022

These colors are a real must-have on the nails this summer! They look great and match the summer sun perfectly. These are proposals for both brave ladies and minimalists.

Pastel colors in the summer manicure 2022

Pastel colors are back! They emphasize the color in a beautiful way and at the same time are quite conservative. This season, however, we’re wearing them a little differently than usual. Instead of one color on all nails, we will make a pastel rainbow. Yellow, powder pink, blue, mint – these colors, trendy this summer, can decorate your nails all at once.

Neon nails in trends for the summer of 2022

Neons are already a summer classic. Too daring for the fall/ winter season, they blend in perfectly with the summer sun. This season, a combination of neon pink, orange and red reminiscent of the sunset will be very fashionable. If you’re brave, go ahead and paint all your nails in neon yellow, green, or pink. If you are a minimalist, put a neon accent on your nails, for example, pattern or French.

Fashionable nail designs for the summer of 2022

These patterns will predominate on nails in the summer of 2022. Combine them with the aforementioned pastes or neon lights. You can also choose a different combination, for example with your favorite colours. Whatever you choose, you will have the most fashionable manicure this summer.

Colorful French manicure in the trends for the summer of 2022

In summer, French is worn in a color version. This type of French is in fashion all year round. Instead of the classic white – a contrasting point, for example, red, added to a pale pink board. If you are brave – put rainbow french on your nails, otherwise choose a contrasting color.

Trends for Summer 2022: Fashionable Ombre on Nails

Ombre on the nails will return in the summer manicure 2022. This year, the penetrating shades of the same color, for example, in the colors of the summer sky, are in fashion. A combination of pastel colors and neon pink and orange looks equally good.

Fashionable waves in summer manicure 2022

This year, waves are in fashion on the nails! And not just the sea. Wavy lines and rainbow embellishments or in different shades of the same color are fashionable not only this summer, but all year round. Now you can make yourself more crazy with colors – choose the juicy and expressive colors. You can also make a rainbow on your nails.

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