Cowzdrowiu – A revolution in the DPS

Social care homes, ie DPS, can act as a clinic and contract with the National Health Fund. This is an important change for their employees related to the health sector. Yesterday we were the first to write about the prepared project and today we present comments from the medical community: nurse Gilbert Kolbe, physiotherapist Tomasz Dybek (the new head of KIF) and psychologist and head of the trade union Katarzyna Sarnicka.

Let’s start with a reminder that the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy is responsible for the project and will be adopted by the government in the fourth quarter of this year.

The current legal status of DPSs is such that only other entities that perform medical activities can provide benefits to residents of care homes at the expense of the National Health Fund. This can be medical entities and persons practicing a medical profession. As a result, even if a nurse with the right qualifications works from home, sometimes she can’t help.

The revolution consists in the fact that nursing homes can apply for registration with the voivode as the body that maintains the register of entities carrying out medical activities. For more details, see “The revolution in DPS. They could become a healing topic like AOS”. What do the representatives of the professional groups working in the DPS think about them?

– I believe these are changes going in the most desirable direction. Psychologists also work in nursing homes. If DPS could be funded by the National Health Fund, there is an opportunity to hire psychologists with clinical specializations. It would be a very good change for me. We are waiting for it and we hope it will take place – he says in an interview with Katarzyna Sarnicka, President of the National Union of Psychologists (OZZP)

The chairman of OZZP notes that if the DPS were treated as a healthcare institution with a contract with the National Health Fund, this would provide the opportunity to increase the pay in accordance with the law on the minimum wage in healthcare institutions. – This would mean that a person with the right qualifications could take a job there and earn a more dignified salary, which would also translate into the quality of benefits and comfort for home residents – Sarnicka emphasizes.

A change that has been waiting for years

– The medical community, not just nurses and medical caregivers, has been requesting these changes for a long time. After all, nurses and carers are adequately rewarded in DPS. They will be able to perform all their professional functions in accordance with the letter of the applicable law – he says Gilbert Kolbe, Nursing Community Representative in an interview with

In his opinion, the change discussed will improve funding for nursing homes and medical facilities. It is the operation of financing, to keep it as simple as possible, and the provision of equipment, which, according to Kolbe, is an element that will require special attention in legislative work.

– We hear that they will function as outpatient specialist care and long-term care. This is certainly a good idea. However, you should be careful to take into account all the terms and conditions of these centers. Especially in the case of long-term patients, who are usually residents of the nursing home.

The new regulations will stop the tide of departures from the DPS

– We have strived for it in talks with Minister Szumowski on this subject and with Mr Radziwiłł, and it was in our postulates. All medical professions should be treated equally. I’m very glad it finally happened – he says Tomasz Dybek, President of the National Chamber of Physiotherapists and President of the National Union of Physiotherapists.
– Why should DPS employees be treated differently? How does DPS differ from a hospital? Like. It’s the same treatment facility and the staff should be making the same money. The disproportionate pay was unbelievable. The sooner these regulations come into effect, the better for the labor market. Currently, DPS employees are leaving because they will get a lot more money elsewhere. Physiotherapists in DPS work for 3-3.2 thousand. PLN gross per month, and in other resorts will now be 5.7 thousand. This is a colossal difference – notes Dybek.

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