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When planning a trip to Turkey, it is worth thinking about the right prepaid internet package. We’ll help you choose an option that gives you unlimited network access while not ruining your vacation budget.

Which prepaid internet in Turkey?  We're checking offers for 2022 [PORADNIK]


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All hotels and most restaurants and bars in Turkey they offer pretty good and reliable wifi?, while having your own SIM card helps you use the network on your own terms. Hotel WiFi can also pose a risk usually these internet networks are unsecured† If you decide to do this, consider installing a VPN application that will allow you to hide your location and access blocked content and websites.

Traveling in Turkey becomes a lot easier with your own card – we can order a taxi from anywhere using the application or use Google Maps in the field. Getting a local SIM card in Turkey is easy, fast and relatively cheap compared to western countries. However, please note that according to Turkish law all SIM cards must be registered in the salon of the chosen operator† In the case of foreign tourists, registration is only possible on the basis of a valid passport.

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How to buy a prepaid card in Turkey?

It is worth determining the length of the planned stay, the need for voice calls and SMS and, above all, the need for Internet access. Operators in Turkey provide local prepaid SIM card (prepaid), and its purchase does not require the signing of a contract. The card can be purchased at most stores, hotels, at the airport or directly from the operator.

Usually, however, it is a good idea to refrain from buying such a card on the airportwhere prices are often much higher. In local shops in cities we often find the same offers in several times lower price† Don’t forget to have your passport with you though – only on this basis we can register our new card

The price for the service is fixed in advance and you must pay the fee before we can use it. However, if the limit is reached, additional costs must be taken into account. After the card’s expiration date, the service will be turned off automatically.

Mobile Network Operators in Turkey

In Turkey I have three main mobile network operators at my disposal:

  • Turkcell
  • Vodafone
  • Turk Telekom


The most popular mobile operator in Turkey is TurkcellIt offers its coverage across the countryand in a few other countries out there. A great choice for tourists is a welcome pack called Tourist Welcome Package / Turist Tanışma Paketi† This is the prepaid SIM card that comes in it 200 minutes domestic voice calls, 20 GB internet and unlimited access to WhatsApp messages† We pay 289 TL for the service (approx. PLN 79), and access to it will continue through 30 days

Which prepaid internet in Turkey?  We're checking offers for 2022 [PORADNIK]

Turkcell website


On sale Vodafone also we will find a service for tourists but it works on other rules† This operator’s offer includes a package for tourists Welcome to Turkey† We can run it on any previously purchased prepaid card that has our passport number assigned to it. We get in the package 750 minutes domestic calls, 1000 text messages and 20 GB internet along with unlimited access to the application whatsapp† We pay for activating the package 105 TL (about PLN 29), but the earlier one should also be added to this price purchase of a prepaid card† The package is valid for: 28 daysand the corresponding card expires after 60 days

Which prepaid internet in Turkey?  We're checking offers for 2022 [PORADNIK]

Vodafone Turkey website

Turk Telekom

Turk Telekom is known as the cheapest mobile operator in Turkey† Unfortunately this is due to a lot poor coverage of these lines – in cities we shouldn’t have a problem, but going outside can lead to no coverage or very slow data transfer. The operator has prepared two versions of prepaid cards for tourists:

  • 750 minutes in the country750 text messages and 15GB data for the price of TL 200 (approx. 55 PLN
  • 1500 minutes in the country1000 texts and 40 GB data for the price of TL 260 (approx. PLN 70

There are several other packages available, including: more mobile data – however, they are not aimed directly at tourists. Unfortunately it is difficult to find information about these offers on operator sideso you have to rely on luck already in place while shopping

Which prepaid internet in Turkey?  We're checking offers for 2022 [PORADNIK]

Turk Telekom website

Summary – which provider do you have to go to for the SIM card?

After looking at all the offers available to tourists in Turkey, The best seems to be Turkcell’s† They have the best mobile coverage in Turkey in 2022, as well as the best prepaid SIM card deals – at least the ones we find without any problem. For a price of approx. PLN 70 we get access to 20 GB data, 200 minutes and 1000 text messages in Turkey. For most tourists, 20 GB is more than enough when traveling. However, if it turns out that this is not enough, you can always purchase an extra data package.

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