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Recovery – is it better than gravity ventilation?

Recovery systems are especially popular in detached houses, although they can also be installed in apartments. For recuperation, unlike gravity ventilation, it is not necessary to open windows in winter to let in fresh, cool air, which will displace the used air from the building.

In fact, recuperation works regardless of the temperature and pressure differences that are responsible for the creation of the draft. It is set in motion by mechanical fans. Naturally, this system requires the distribution of space-consuming elements throughout the building. Therefore, its installation is best taken into account at the design stage of the house.

What does the recovery system consist of?

The most important part of the recovery system is the heat exchanger, which is offered, for example, by the ventilation wholesaler in Szczecin. It is he who receives heat from the airflow leaving the building and transfers it to the current that has just flowed into it. We also have supply and extract fans that generate air movement in the installation.

The system also includes a launcher and an air inlet (vents that remove air and inlets) and filters. The system can also be equipped with a bypass for summer use when heat recovery is not required. Pipes are distributed throughout the building that supply fresh air to the rooms and collect used air. The set also includes automation for recuperation control.

What to pay attention to before mounting?

First of all, we must take the advice and help of experts who will choose the right model of recuperator for our house. Such help is offered, for example, by Ventido.pl. In the house we need to arrange a separate room for a recuperator, which will have positive temperatures in winter. It should also be such a place that allows easy access to the device.

In addition, the building itself must be well insulated. It is best if it was insulated and had tight window frames. It cannot be equipped with diffusers. In the house itself, all interior doors should have open cuts. This ensures an efficient airflow in the house and an effective recovery.

How to start mounting?

The most important, of course, is the right design. Without this, a correct installation of the recovery system is not possible. In this regard, let’s seek help from professionals who will prepare it so that our house is efficiently ventilated. The design should take into account the surface area of ​​the house, drilling locations or the location of the air intake and launcher at a suitable distance from each other.

The design should also describe the route of the ventilation ducts. Remember that sometimes they need to be insulated, if only so as not to let the work of the recuperator and the air flowing through the ducts be too loud. An ordinary layman will probably not be able to take into account all the above parameters in the project, so the help of a specialist may be required.

What are the most common mounting errors?

The main flaw is the lack of a design or a design made incorrectly. As a result, ventilation ducts can be misplaced and interfere with other installations. It also happens that we buy an air handling unit with an efficiency that is too low. Sometimes it is installed in an unheated room, causing the unit to become less efficient or fail in winter.

The lack of thermal insulation of the ventilation ducts is also a major flaw, causing heat loss or condensation. In addition, it happens that the ventilation ducts themselves are poorly selected, as a result of which the installation makes noise when the air flows. There are also cables with a low life, prone to mechanical damage or difficult to clean.

Is the effort worth the quality?

Definitely yes. Thanks to recuperation, for example offered on the aforementioned Ventido.pl, we breathe fresh and pollution-free air. We also remove excess moisture from our homes, protecting the health of residents. Moreover, recuperation is an environmentally friendly solution that provides savings on heating.

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