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And drove in

On Monday, July 4, in the morning of one of the towns of the Kłodzko poviat, local police officers chased the driver, who did not stop for inspection despite the light and sound signals in the police car. At one point, the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a fence along the road and then a residential building in the village of Bierkowice.

The reason for this behavior soon became apparent. It turned out that the man was wanted in connection with previous crimes and had a sentence to serve – a year and 10 months. The 24-year-old’s behavior was extremely dangerous, not only for him and other road users, but also for the occupants of his car. A man, a woman and a 3-year-old child traveled with him.

The driver and mother with the child were taken to hospital in non-life-threatening condition. The passenger of the car unfortunately suffered injuries to the chest area while her 3-year-old child was examined by doctors who found no injuries.

Now a resident of the Kłodzko poviat will be responsible for violating the court’s driving ban, failing to stop at a roadside check, causing a traffic accident and exposing passengers to the immediate danger of loss of life and health . According to the regulations in force, his stay in a prison can be extended significantly …

In addition, employees of the County Building Supervision Inspectorate in Kłodzko were called on site to inspect the damaged building. Fortunately, it is safe to stay there.

They also came in…

On the same day we had two more serious traffic accidents. Two passenger cars collided in Unisław Śląski when one of them stopped in front of the zebra crossing to let passers-by – the careless driver of the second passenger car drove into the back of the parked car. The passenger of the first car was injured.

– And in Głuszyca on ul. Sienkiewicza, a passenger car hit the wall of the building and damaged the gas connection. Four people traveled by car, luckily none of them were injured, and the gas ambulance shut off the gas in the building – says Robert Strojny of the state fire brigade in Wałbrzych.

The next traffic incident took place today, Wednesday, July 6 – the fire brigade received a call at 7:19 AM. – On the road from Struga to Stare Bogaczowice, the car went off the road and landed on the roof, only the driver who left the car alone drove in – says Robert Strojny.

Update: the police inform:

Despite cyclical prophylactic, information and preventive control activities and continuous calls from Wałbrzych traffic police, within three days in the city and the Wałbrzych poviat, there were 6 collisions and 1 traffic accident.

On Monday morning, a few minutes after 6:00 am in Wałbrzych at ul. Uczniowska, a 50-year-old driver, hit a correctly running Opel vehicle as a result of a wrong lane change. The perpetrator was fined 1020 PLN.

A few minutes later, before 7 a.m., at ul. Armii Krajowej, who was driving a Volvo passenger car, failed to keep the 37-year-old a safe distance from the vehicle in front, leading to a collision. She was also fined 1020 PLN.

Another dangerous-looking traffic accident occurred at 12:45 PM in Głuszyca at ul. Sienkiewicz. The 65-year-old driver drove off the public road due to not adapting the speed to the road conditions on the adjacent carriageway, and collided with a building. The assailant was not injured in the impact. The facade of the building and the gas box were destroyed. The man was also fined PLN 1,100.

This is not the end of the road events on this day. In Unisław Śląski, the 19-year-old driver collided with the back of a Fiat Punto passenger car just after 5 p.m. because he was not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The passenger of this vehicle received medical attention, luckily she was not seriously injured.

Then, in Szczawno Zdrój at ul. Solicka at 7 p.m., the driver of the Volkswagen Transporter hit the housing of a free-standing gas box as a result of a wrong reversing maneuver. There was no gas leak on site. The 51-year-old was fined PLN 1,100 and, in addition, he was fined PLN 200 for the poor technical condition of the vehicle. The driver’s license plate was, of course, withheld. All drivers who were penalized with a fine received 6 penalty points, excluding the financial fine.

Yesterday before 8:00 on ul. Gwarków in Wałbrzych, the 61-year-old driver did not give way to the driver of a Citroën passenger car, resulting in a collision. The man was also fined PLN 1050 and received 6 penalty points.

Today in the morning in Stare Bogaczowice at ul. The 32-year-old driver, due to not adapting the speed to the road conditions, ran off the road and came to a stop in a ditch. Fortunately, he was not injured and left the car alone.

Again, the police officers of the municipal police headquarters in Wałbrzych are asking all road users to obey the traffic rules.

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