Ranking of the most beautiful lakes in Poland. These places are amazing

The holiday season is in full swing, some people are still planning their holidays and wondering where to spend their free time, if we decide to stay in Poland.

Our country offers many charming corners. Many people choose to go to the coast or to the mountains, but one should not forget about the numerous lakes that are located in our country.

As we read in the Report on Lakes by Hanna Soszka, Dorota Cydzik and Joanna Czajka: “Poland is one of the countries rich in lakes. There are about 9,000 lakes in the country with an area of ​​more than 1 ha.”

It must be admitted that this is quite a large number of these water reservoirs, and their location can be delightful. No wonder that the ranking of the most beautiful lakes in Poland was made by the Travelist Magazine, and this year also the selected lakes that can captivate you and literally invite you to spend your vacation on them.

It was to be expected that the undisputed winner would be one of the Masurian Lakes, after all Warmia and Masuria is a place in Poland known for the most beautiful water reservoirs.

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But nothing is less true! This year’s winner was Solińskie Lake. It is located in the province of Podkarpackie in the town of the same name – Solina.

Interestingly, it owes its current popularity to the dam that was built in 1968. What can captivate Solińskie Lake is its surface. The lake is 22 km² and is also the lake with the largest capacity in Poland!

In addition, the fantastic coastline can captivate many lake lovers – it is diverse with numerous coves, estuaries and streams. As for the fauna and flora of Lake Solina, there are many species of fish, including pike-perch and bass, which are the specialty of nearby restaurants and fryers.

With access to such a beautiful lake, tourist centers have developed near the reservoir. One of the most popular is the spa town of Polańczyk. Therefore, no one is surprised by the first place in the ranking of the most beautiful lakes in Poland.

But what about the rest of the lakes? It turns out that the second place in the ranking belongs to Masuria, and more precisely to Lake Śniardwy. He is a midwife in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes in the basin of Pisa.

The almost wild nature, the number of forests and other lakes in the area, makes this place unique. Moreover, it is the largest lake in Poland and makes a monumental impression when standing on the bank or sitting in a boat in the middle of it.

Jeziorak, located in the Iława Lake District, came in third. It is a gutter lake, the longest in Poland! An interesting fact about this place is that the action of the book “New Adventures of Mr. Samochodzik” took place here. It is an opportunity for the elderly to return to the time of youth, and for younger tourists an opportunity to familiarize themselves with this work.

Outside the stage there was an artificial lake – Zalew Zegrzyński, located near Warsaw. It is because of its proximity to the capital that the lagoon has become extremely popular and is often chosen by tourists as a place to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Further places in the ranking of the most beautiful lakes in Poland are followed by:

5. Lake Białe

6. Lake Drawsko

7. Międzybrodzkie Lake

8. Nyskie and Turawskie Lakes

9. Malta Lake

10. Wdzydze .-more

11. Czos Lake

12. Clean Lake

Do further rankings make these lakes worse? Absolutely not! Each of them impresses with its location, surrounding nature, various attractions, the possibility of practicing water sports and … cleanliness.

When planning a vacation this year, it is worth tempted to visit at least one of the aforementioned lakes and feel the local atmosphere.

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