Ram Dass for Summer 2022 (and years to come)

Harmony in life comes from peace, so let’s calm down and shake off bad memories and fears to make way in life for love, wisdom and health.

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Finding harmony in the present

Fundamental change is possible through a change of perspective.

Opening the curtain to what our senses and mind see as reality, seeing the true self, often seems to be humanity’s greatest ambition. When we reach it, we feel that we have found our rightful place in the order of things. Then we begin to see the harmony that has always been waiting for us. However, it is not something that should prepare us for life after life, nor abstraction for later – this harmony serves us here and now and shapes our daily life.

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Awareness in our daily lives, openness and realization that everything is connected, will enable you to hear and find a way that allows you to live on Earth in harmony with the whole world.

When we look around the world and realize how people live, the magnitude of ignorance and ignorance becomes acutely apparent.

I suggest we challenge ourselves in this. We come together to calm our minds, open our hearts and develop an appropriate approach, perspective on life that will enable us to operate effectively in the theater of existence.

We do this to become instruments of love, wisdom and health.

How thoughts create your world

We often feel that our desires are obscured by the light. However, this is because they are in fact old habits that we have developed to direct our light. For example, when we want to have sexual abstinence, we suddenly feel lust because in the past we felt that we came closest to the light during the erotic rapture. However, the problem with desire is that it has an object: a person or a thing. And as long as the world is divided into subjects and objects, we are inevitably alone.

Seeing our thoughts create our world will make you feel better.

Sometimes, when we get to know someone, for some reason we become convinced that, despite the rough appearance, that person hides well in the depths. This thought influences our behavior, which in turn determines the way the person reacts and ultimately shapes the whole relationship. This is very different from meeting someone and saying, “He’s so bloated!” It’s a bit strange and paradoxical that all our thoughts that seem to distract us from life lead us to feel isolation, fear and a lack of energy. However, they fulfill a specific function. It turns out that suffering is difficult because it is part of the process of walking towards the light. It’s like cleaning silver, polishing mirrors – to wake us up.

Many people remember past experiences with horror and are relieved that they can finally get along. This is because they have not yet pulled back far enough to gain perspective to see how miraculously everything unfolds, as all the confusing doubts, fears, difficult experiences, unfortunate events, deplorable circumstances, thoughtless behavior, sinful violations in self-discipline were just steps in a long way. To perceive it, however, requires silence and the cessation of thoughts, because every time we think about its course, we shape it in accordance with these thoughts, including the concept of the path itself. Right now we are on our way and we think, “We are on our way.”

Well, if I can’t stop thinking, maybe I can let my thoughts race through my head without continuing to grab my attention. Can you feel the air moving in your face or neck? Can you feel it circulating? You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t need to know where each explosion leads. You don’t have to immediately check if he has reached the nearby tree line. It’s just the wind that comes and goes. Let your thoughts be like these gusts of wind: soft and fleeting.

Grzegorz Czemiel translated

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Ram Dass

American spiritual teacher, writer and formerly (still as Richard Alpert) psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University. He took the name Ram Dass in the 1960s while living in India. He lived in the years 1931-2019.

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