Paprocki & Brzozowski Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

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Three years have passed since the duo Paprocki & Brzozowski’s last show. At that time, the designers gained courage and momentum. Their eclectic collection for spring-summer 2022 is on the one hand in line with the trends, on the other it eludes them.

Marcin Paprocki and Mariusz Brzozowski worked as stylists for Polish women’s magazines about 15-20 years ago. Then they went to Paris Fashion Week, perusing the hangers of their favorite brands in the iconic Colette and admired the breadth of local fashion. Inspired and motivated, they returned to Warsaw to introduce a world standard in Poland. From year to year, the canyon slowly disappeared and eventually it was almost completely swept away. Today, after years of practice and experimentation, their collections are in no way inferior to the French ones.

– Our aesthetic has already become fixed, we don’t change it every season like before – says Marcin Paprocki, adding that the more mature and experienced they are with Mariusz, the more they lean towards different styles. – We are more and more different and it does that perfectly with our collections – adds Mariusz Brzozowski. Their job is tug-of-war, constantly seeking a balance between what is romantic and what is rock ‘n’ roll. – We pull each other up – says Mariusz. And they still want the same as they did in college, even seeing a client in their project on the street is the same pleasure as it was years ago.

Paprocki & Brzozowski: tailor-made haute couture

Despite the differences, Marcin Paprocki and Mariusz Brzozowski have a solid common ground. At work, they are based on the tracks from the 80s and 90s. These are the times that they remember well and that shaped their sense of aesthetics, and that come full circle and return to trends. – This is our base, we pass it through the filter of now, we confront it with the needs of our customers – says Marcin. Motifs from both decades in the new collection abound. Fuchsia lace tops, puff sleeves made of tulle, short shiny jackets – these are just a few. This season, designers have taken a lot of courage. They were challenged by the lockdown experience. First they introduced the “Timeless” collection to the online store – a line of elegant classics for years, and then started expanding it with extravagant ones. It turned out that these unique models, decorated with feathers or ornaments, reach even a larger group of customers who appreciate what is unique and can not be found anywhere else, for example, an original print with small logos hidden in abstract shapes.

In this collection, we focused on much more shine than ever. Until now we used it in a fragment before, an ornament, this time we cover the whole suits by hand with Swarovski crystals – says Marcin. This is just the beginning. Mariusz uses a transparent material with glitter to manually create intricate mottled patchworks on a mannequin – a completely new fabric. A similar technique was used to make bras, hand trimmed with bits of shiny appliqué. Some models have hundreds of individual ostrich feathers sewn into them – a lot of manual, intricate haute couture work.

Designers often and willingly return to pens. As early as 2017, they attached striking panels to their suits in the “Paradiso” collection. This idea comes back with redoubled power. Once the strong trend is over, you can simply unhook them and wait for fashion to come around again. The above-mentioned suits are the highlight of the program and delight with their colors. Designers dyed Italian wool to order in shades of turquoise and fuchsia, there are also white and black for the less daring. In the show we will see them in many sizes as proof that good tailoring does not need a specific type of figure. Quality and a great cut are for everyone.

There will also be men on the catwalk, just a few. Cute girls of all shapes and sizes came to the casting. The designers wanted to organize such a show two years ago, but their plans were thwarted by a pandemic. At that time, the nearly completed collection was only on view by studio guests and boutique customers. This time, this pleasure awaits a large audience. † This is our first outdoor show in Warsaw and we are very excited about it – Marcin says, revealing a few details. Models walking on a catwalk that resembles a meadow should look as if they came from nature. We will see beautiful, fleshy silks to the sounds of music, as always carefully selected by the designers themselves. † It will be a 4D experience – says Mariusz. – During the show we will spray a fragrance made especially for us by Jo Malone, we want the guests to feel the scent of nature – explains. The collection is presented in the last rays of the setting sun. And as it is fashionable, not everything is ready yet. † As usual we prepared too many silhouettes – they laugh. An evening full of surprises awaits us on Thursday 7 July.

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