On holiday with or without children? Or maybe a holiday with grandparents?

Summer holiday with or without children? This question is realized by many parents when preparing for a summer vacation. Living with a child means sacrifice, and the free time once freely available to a few adults is now mostly childhood. Is “escape” on a joint vacation without a child a good idea?

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Everyone is aware that the arrival of a child in the family changes the perspective of vacation and travel. This happens regardless of whether one was a fan of car trips with friends or an advocate of all-inclusive style hotel stays.

On the one hand, a trip with a child is associated with an increase in travel costs, because, for example, when we fly in a larger team, it would be appropriate to buy a seat with the possibility of sitting next to each other . Another thing is more luggage, depending on the age of the child there are bottles, diapers, baby carriers, car seats and prams among others. And finally the organization of time: getting up early or late, extra breaks for naps or food.

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– The first time we went on holiday with Zosia, when she was six months old and – to be honest – it was the easiest period. The bottle-fed baby, without major problems in flight, still did not move – he describes carolina, mother of the now three-year-old Zosia. – However, with each passing year, these journeys became more and more challenging.

Holiday with a child. “I was physically exhausted”

Perennial children, in particular, need an itinerary and that their time should be tailored to their needs. Our interlocutors indicate that traveling with a smaller child is easier.

– We have been going on holiday with friends for years, now also with children, and it really requires much better preparation before departure. However, when you are ready for most situations and additional circumstances, the challenge can be met. Of course we have a slightly different mode, but with a carrier or a scarf and a backpack packed, we can keep this form of departure – he says Asiawho usually travels in the countries of southern Europe.
However, everyone has an individual approach to spending vacations. Some people want to maintain the routine of absence at all costs, for example with friends, and will take on the organization while discovering new realities to which they will have to adapt. Others will focus on intimate family outings, preferably by car to the lake or to a seaside hotel – preferably ones with food and attractions adapted to children.

– We have already been to the Greek islands twice and both trips were successful. It doesn’t change the fact that attitude matters a lot. I was physically exhausted, it was a 12 hour babysitting job for a kid trying to get away or making trouble every step of the way in the hotel. However, if you get used to it or you mentally cut it off, the trip is a beautiful memory – she points out Hannah† And she adds: – I would like to say that I can not imagine a holiday without children. This is my life and we want to spend time together.

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Take a breather and a moment of solitude

However, there are parents who decide to travel separately to be able to spend these few days or even a week without their children.

– Every year we go abroad without children. Of course we also organize trips with the children, but with my husband we also need a moment of relaxation and solitude. We have a comfortable situation – the kids are staying with my parents or in-laws and they have no problem with it – he says ola from Sopot.
Such a situation is probably rare, not because there is no need to “take a break” from children, but because few people can afford to leave their children with their grandparents for long periods of time.

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Or maybe a trip with grandma and grandpa?

An increasingly popular form of departure is also a trip with grandparents, who usually leave to help the child. In theory, everyone should be happy with the holidays – grandparents most often suffer from a lack of time to spend with their grandchildren and have the opportunity to catch up. Parents are incredibly supportive and relieved, and kids go crazy over the summer holidays. In practice, however, it is sometimes difficult to maintain general agreement when representatives of three generations travel together, but it really depends on internal systems and individual approach.

– We went twice with my parents and it was ok. Of course there are always some issues, but I really appreciate that we have the opportunity to use the support of extra hands to take care of – says Marekwho recently returned from Spain.

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