Intimate summer – the first competition blocks are behind us

In the Masovian Center for Contemporary Art “Elektrownia” we could see the first productions that qualified for the National Short Film Competition.


The first block contains the films “Turbo Love”, “Opał”, “Dzieci i fishes”, “7 words about the passing” and “Lata light”. The authors of the first four productions came to Radom.

Movie “Turbo Love” This is the story of a vlogger who records a tutorial on YouTube and talks about the application with the title name – “Turbo Love”. She must ensure complete control over her love life, but – as it goes in life – not everything runs according to her plan.

– I didn’t draw too much from my experience. I don’t have Instagram and I’m not social media. I’ve done research and watched a lot of online tutorials. I watched a lot of vloggers and that’s where I got inspiration – Alicja Jasina, director of the film “Turbo Love”, said during a meeting with viewers.

Movie “Opal” tells the story of Zbyszek, who, after being separated from his wife, returned to his father in the countryside. There he treats alcoholism, seeks money for fuel and alimony for his daughter.

– It is a cluster of situations that have taken root, dreamed or imagined. It is told in dialect because I come from a village where history is unfolding. This is a movie about a relationship. People don’t realize that alcohol is drunk “with coffee” in Poland – he says film Maks Michorczyk, director

“Children and Fish” This is the story of a thirteen-year-old Zosia, who is a coda man, ie a child of deaf parents. The girl and her father left for a trip to fight to participate in her dream swimming competitions, which she was previously not allowed. During the meeting with the audience, director Gracjana Piechula explained the motif of Ariel’s mermaid that appears in the film.

– We abandoned the idea of ​​​​turning into fish and she – as a child – is free of voice. The mermaid has become an ideal metaphor. The theme of sacrifice was shown here – translated by the director Gracjana Piechula

Movie “7 words about death” is a 9 minute production about passing. The maker shows how the human approach to death changes with age. The production consists of a series of shots and statements, but viewers can only see the eyes, hands and scrolling tombstones.

– The hands and eyes had to form a whole. Through the eyes we look into the soul of a person, and the hands show age – said director Łukasz Iwanicz

The last movie of the first block was “light years”† After the story of Vitali, who since childhood dreams of becoming a priest. According to the rules of the Orthodox Church, he must find a wife. While he waits for this, he rents an apartment with a friend from the seminary.


In the second block we saw four productions – “Tell me about me”, “C’est la vie”, “Funeralia” and “Synthol”.

“Tell Me About Me” This is the story of Magda, who was abandoned in hospital as a child and then adopted. In the film we see her looking for her own identity.

“That’s life” This is an animation, which was realized by the Film Kapok. It tells in a perverse, grotesque way about suicide, its motives and the irreversibility of such a decision. The production is graced with music composed especially for the needs of the film.

– It had to be a movie about something non-trivial. This is a film about life and everything that life entails, ie dilemmas and problems that are presented in a specific way. It is a dissonance between content and form. When you watch this movie you have no idea what we should be feeling. I have the impression that we do many things in life outside of life, and the film had to be a break of the habit – explains Jacek Olejnik, one of the directors.

“Funeral” is a black comedy in which K. Grabarz is the main character and a competition for burial graves wins, which the organizers did not like. The main character is constantly accompanied by an urn containing his mother’s ashes.

– I took over the convention from Franz Kafka. We had to adjust “Zamek”. I wondered how to tell. I managed to find the history of the race in grave graves. Every time I told someone there was such a thing, no one could believe it. I decided to stay in this form. I thought I would say goodbye to this inspiration – said Bartłomiej Błaszczyński, the director of the film

The last production in the block was “Sinthol”. This is the story of Eric getting ready to debut in a bodybuilding competition. His overprotective mother, Teresa, helps him with that. At the same time, he runs a video blog.

On Thursday (July 7) we see the competition block III and IV. They will be featured: “I’m Here”, “Dygot”, “Alone Until Dawn”, “Death Marriage”, “Once Upon a Sea”, “Looking”, “Solar Voyage”, “Corvine Orphans” and ” Victoria”.

The jury of the National Short Film Competition consists of: director Magnus von Horn (chairman), set designer Prof. Ewa Braun, actress Anna Mucha and Insp. Marek Świszcz, former deputy commander of the Masovian Police.

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