Houses for millions. The Four Most Expensive Homes in the Tri-City

We've checked the prices of the most expensive homes for sale and offered by Tri-City real estate agents.

It has long been known that many homes in the Tri-City reach sky-high prices. The most expensive house on our classifieds website costs a whopping 16 million PLN. We take a look at the most valuable houses in the Tri-City and what makes them stand out.

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Little is known about the most expensive aftermarket home listing on our classifieds website. The property is located in the first line of development, overlooking Gdańsk Bay, at ul. Przebendowski in Orlowo. It has an area of ​​416 m², two floors and has seven rooms. The residents enjoy the tranquility of the climate of Orłowo, the surrounding greenery and the immediate vicinity of the beach.

The most expensive detached house in the Tri-City is in Orłowo.

The most expensive detached house in the Tri-City is in Orłowo.

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The second most expensive house for sale in the Tri-City is Willa Werner, whose construction began in 1891 at the request of Leon Władysław Piotrowski, owner of chocolate factories, sugar factories and the “Michałowice” refinery, among others. The industrialist bought the plot for a summer residence for his family. The palace building with garden was designed by the architect Wilhelm Werner. Its construction was completed before the summer season of 1892.

– Particularly noteworthy, apart from the interior of the building, is the Classicist arbor, supported by Corinthian columns. Called the Temple of Reflection or the Arbor of Aphrodite, designed by the Sopot architect Carl Kupperschmitt, it appeared in the garden in 1897. Over the years, the villa housed several consulates, incl. American, Swedish and Brazilian – explains Marcin Marczak from, supply manager, real estate specialist at Invilla.

The area of ​​the whole building is 530 square meters, and the garden occupies an area of ​​1.7 thousand square meters. m² The facility consists of two floors and a basement with residential function. On the ground floor there are five rooms, one with a balcony and the other with access to the garden, hall, bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as a utility room. Also on the first floor there are five rooms. Two of them have access to the balcony. On this floor there is also a kitchen and a spacious hallway. In the basement there is a utility room and additional living space.

The height of the ground floor and part of the first floor is even 3.7 m, the basement is 2.4 to 2.5 m. In some rooms original frescoes on the ceilings and beautifully decorated stucco have been preserved.

The villa is located in the heart of Sopot, but also surrounded by greenery. The building and gazebo of Aphrodite are registered in the Register of Monuments.

  • Werner's villa
  • Interior of Werner's villa in Sopot

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Tri-City Landscape Park, the style harmonizes perfectly with the environment. The 457 m² house was built in 2016 using Scandinavian technology.

The day zone includes a living room with a TV zone, a kitchen with a dining area and an office overlooking the garden. Above the living room there is a net for fun, relaxation and observation of life in the day zone. From the kitchen side there is an exit to a terrace with an area of ​​60 m², from where there is a view of the forest.

On the entrance level of the building there is a gym with a sauna and a bathroom, as well as a utility room with a laundry room. On the next floor there is a bedroom with a bathroom, wardrobe and balcony, two rooms for children and a bathroom. In the second part of the house there are similar functions – both with a day and a private zone. The house has two separate entrances. The interior furnishings allow access to natural light from all directions.

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The 1922 building with a noble, classical form is located in Upper Sopot, at ul. Abraham. The 450-square-foot facility has undergone a major renovation in consultation with the Conservator of Monuments. It consists of a high ground floor, first floor, attic and cellar. The high ground floor is the heart of the house – there is an entrance hall with a period fireplace, a living room with a dining room and fireplace, a lounge, library and kitchen with access to the garden, as well as a bathroom. The first floor is a private zone. There is a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, from which you can access the terrace, as well as two bedrooms and a bathroom. Historic stairs lead to the attic with an area of ​​45 square meters. In the basement are a garage, five rooms, sauna, toilet, shower and boiler room.

The house is surrounded by other ten-year-old tenements and a forest. The plot on which the building is located is 1079 m² and has been developed with green plants and stones.

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