Cosmetic novelties for the summer of 2022. Here are 9 suggestions that can change your skincare routine

The cosmetic novelties for the summer of 2022 could yield many discoveries that you will want to incorporate into your skincare routine. We have selected 9 interesting proposals that can facilitate this task.

Cosmetic novelties are not just an opportunity to discover modern solutions and news from the beauty world, but above all an excuse to improve your care. Such a change for the better does not have to be accompanied by a huge revolution. One well-chosen cosmetic can give our complexion, skin or hair a lot. However, the key to success is not only the opinions of others, but especially your own experiments that allow you to see how they work on yourself. For your convenience, we have selected 9 proposals that summarize perfectly cosmetic novelties for the summer of 2022† Any of them can become your new favorite.

you can’t wait cosmetic advent calendarswith which you can discover the next day cosmetics from your favorite brand† We also! Happy is the brand rituals created a summer offer based on this concept. We will experience the 13-day journey in ourselves by opening new boxes of the set Summer of joy† Each of them has a different gift that allows you to experience the summer in a more conscious and harmonious way. The set contains not only typical care cosmetics, but also a scented candle or an hourglass, which will ensure that we have time for our daily pleasures.

Sesderma Oceanskin nourishing face cream is one of three cosmetic novelties for the summer of 2022 in this series. The entire line is based on the moisturizing power of the oceans. This nourishing cream is intended for dry, dehydrated skin and skin with signs of aging. The cosmetic has an intense moisturizing, regenerating effect and restores the natural firmness of the skin, which is very necessary in summer.

The formula is based on active ingredients of marine origin, such as: spirulina, marine collagen, sea elastin, algae and caviar extract. The formula is also enriched with the Hydrases complex based on natural oils, butters and NMF ingredients.

There is no shortage of new cosmetics for the summer creams with SPF† The protection we have to offer the skin all year round becomes especially important during this sunny season of the year. sunshade Clarena Sun Protect Cream 50+ is a new option for people who want to protect themselves from the negative effects of rays on their skin. The high SPF 50 filter is the perfect solution even in situations where you plan to spend more time outside and your skin is extremely exposed to the sun.

Good summer cream it can mean something different for everyone. Maybe your discovery turns out to be active BasicLab revitalizing cream for face, neck and décolleté† This novelty is intended for the care of all skin types with visible signs of aging or as a prophylaxis against aging. The action of the cosmetic is based on the stimulation of the skin and the protection of the existing collagen and elastin fibres. Due to its high amino acid content, which are perfect for combating dehydration and photoaging, it provides deep hydration and soothes irritation.

Hair cosmetic news it is also one of the categories worth checking out. Among the offers for the summer of 2022, we found a rich nourishing shampoo superHAIRday Mix & Match Miya Cosmetics† Its action is aimed at moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating and smoothing the hair, and this is due to natural ingredients – adaptogens gotu kola and moringa, oat extract and D-panthenol.

Cosmetic brands are facing entirely new challenges in recent years, arising not only from the state of the environment, but also from our lifestyle. One of the answers to the needs of the modern world and the skin that functions in it is a gel serum Oio Lab The e-serum† The formula aims to protect and reduce skin damage caused by the adverse effects of sunlight and artificial blue light† The cosmetic is designed to minimize the main signs of skin aging. The unique copper peptide in the composition is responsible for stimulating the skin’s repair processes.

Hydrating Serum Bielenda BEAUTY CEO Drink me up is a new face care cosmetic. If you struggle with dry, gray and rough skin, this might be for you. Vitamins B5, C, E, PP in its composition are a real vitamin bomb that will give the skin a boost of positive energy. They are supplemented with basil adaptogens that boost immunity and restore balance. Polyglutamic acid, on the other hand, effectively moisturizes and prevents excessive water loss from the epidermis.

While visiting the tabs with new products from various cosmetic brands, we stopped using a hair care elixir for a long time Insight Native† We found out that it is the successor to the best-selling liquid crystal serum, but without silicone.

The new hair cosmetic is based on a composition of natural oils (argan, linseed and mongongo) with a softening, moisturizing, smoothing and brightening effect. The elixir helps extend the color’s durability and protects the intense shade. A few drops are enough to give your hair a new lease of life.

Hydrocolloid cleansing patches for pimples and pimples in the form of green flowers are a cosmetic novelty that the brand FaceBoom prepared with oily, combination and problem skin in mind. If there are uninvited guests on your skin, these on-point patches may be the answer.

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