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Children are little explorers by nature – it’s worth planning small and bigger trips together to give them the space to explore the world with pleasure. Every trip together is an opportunity to spend time and build relationships in an attractive way, and for the baby, an opportunity to change the environment, have new experiences and get used to unknown stimuli, which greatly affect its development. can support. Traveling with a child also brings many challenges. However, instead of worrying about what could go wrong, it’s worth getting ready to go with your baby. The main element here is a well-packaged bag, in which you will find everything you need to have fun.

1. Basic

Whichever direction we choose and however long the journey takes, there are things you should always have with you when you leave home with your child:

  • Something to spread
    • sunscreen – necessarily with a high mineral filter, UV min. 50,
  • Something to cover
    • a headgear that protects both the neck and the eyes of the child,
    • a rain cover for a stroller/baby carrier, preferably one that does not block the airflow,
  • Something to dress up
    • travel changing pad,
    • clean diapers and a bag for used diapers, e.g. from PUL,
    • wet and dry tissues and/or toilet paper,
    • a set of clothes for a change, both warm and airy – the weather can surprise you,
  • Something to feed
    • if your baby is breastfed, a scarf and nursing pillow may be helpful; when he gets the next milk, it is worth taking a measured portion of the powder and warm water in a thermos to prepare a meal and a bottle with a teat,

With active parents and their children in mind, there is another milk ready to be served NAN OPTIPRO Plus 2 HMO liquid in a 200 ml pack – just right at the same time. Just shake, pour into a bottle and… done, so perfect for any trip.

  • in the case of infants and young children who already eat meals other than milk, it is good to have a teaspoon with you and something for small and bigger hunger – a fruit dessert Gerber Organic in the tube and lunch in a jar,

Desserts in a tube Gerber Organic the fruits themselves, including wild rose, blackcurrant, and blackberry, sometimes with yogurt and cereal. They are packed in a light, handy package that you can take anywhere. Children from 12 months can eat the mousse independently from the tube!

  • water in a water bottle or at very high/low temperatures – in a thermos.

2. Traveling by car

When we drive, it is also good to take care of:

  • favorite stuffed animal and/or baby blanket,
  • attractive toys and books and a practical organizer to attach to the back of the armchair,
  • car poncho to the seat – in the case of the youngest travelers,
  • snacks for older children,
  • a playlist of children’s songs or fairy tales for longer journeys.

3. Sea

If you’re going to the coast, it’s worth thinking about a few extra things, especially since the weather there is particularly difficult to predict. In addition, you should offer your child plenty of activities during the long hours on the beach. In addition to the basic equipment, it is good to bring:

  • a beach tent or an umbrella to protect your baby from the sun,
  • a scarf to wear a baby, which will come in handy while walking on the beach as an alternative to a stroller or heavy carrier,
  • a large towel and/or blanket,
  • molds and toys that are easy to remove from the sand (it is better not to take stuffed animals with you to the beach),
  • a bath diaper that does not absorb water,
  • snacks, eg. wheat oat chips Tomato Marchewka Gerber Organic Nutri Puffs.

Organic Gerber Chips is an ideal proposition for little hands who are still practicing grasping and slapping food on their mouths. They are available in 3 flavours, both vegetable and fruit. They contain no added salt or sugar* and are made with ingredients from organic farming.

4. Mountains

When you go on a mountain trip with a child, in addition to the usual items such as a compass, map, telephone, power bank or water and the basic equipment mentioned in the first point, you should bring:

  • a scarf or a travel bag with a good quality rain cover – the stroller may not work well on the mountain trail,
  • First aid kit with basic equipment, including necessarily colored bandages,
  • a neck pillow so that the child sits comfortably in the carrier,
  • a mat or blanket, preferably with good insulation against cold and wet surfaces,
  • garbage bag,
  • gloves and a scarf for a baby,
  • in the case of using a scarf – a special fleece or a jacket for the parent or other warm clothes in which it can fit together with the child,
  • thermos with hot water.

5. Travel abroad

When deciding to travel abroad, there are many things to consider, such as getting the right documents for your child and getting it vaccinated. In addition to the basic accessories, it is worth taking a long trip:

  • the child’s health booklet and information about illnesses and vaccinations taken,
  • for toddlers who are no longer exclusively breastfed
    • delivery of modified milk and other food products that the child eats every day – in order to limit the amount of luggage, it is worth checking in advance which ones are available in the destination country,
    • extra bottles and a teat.

A vacation with your baby can be a wonderful experience. Whether we spend the weekend in a camping site outside the city or in a hotel abroad, we must prepare well to ensure the best comfort and experience for ourselves and the child. A trip to a new place is a sufficient amount of new experiences for a baby, so it is best to take the things that the baby knows and likes. In this way we avoid problems, for example with appetite. Well prepared, let’s enjoy unforgettable family moments and time spent together.

More detailed information useful when planning a trip with a child and a list of things to take with you on the road can be found in the guide from the e-book “First trip with a child” available on the Nestlé Baby & me parent education program page.

* Contains naturally occurring sugars. The salt content is only due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.

Important information. When your baby is born, breastfeeding is the best food for him. Breast milk provides a balanced diet and protects against diseases. We fully support the World Health Organization’s recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of a baby’s life. After this period, start introducing complementary foods with the right nutritional value, while continuing to breastfeed until the child is 2 years old. We are also aware that parents cannot always feed their babies with breast milk. We recommend that you discuss your child’s nutrition with a healthcare professional. If you have decided that your baby will not be breastfed, keep in mind that this decision will be difficult to reverse – starting a partial bottle feed will reduce the amount of milk you produce. Stopping breastfeeding has social and financial consequences that need to be taken into account. If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, we would like to remind you that it is very important to keep mom’s menu well balanced. Her healthy diet during pregnancy and after delivery helps to store the nutrients needed for a smooth pregnancy, prepares for the lactation period and helps to maintain it. Babies develop at different rates, so talk to your doctor or midwife about the timing of supplemental meals. To avoid health risks, it is important that baby food is always prepared, used and stored as directed on the packaging.

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