Tork and Olivia Center set an eco example. Pilot project recycling paper towels

During the first month of operation of the Tork PaperCircle® service, 750 kg of paper towels were collected at the Olivia Center facility in Gdańsk. It is the only service in the world that allows you to reduce waste and take care of the environment.

  • A pilot project for the circular management of Tork PaperCircle® paper towels was launched at the Olivia Center this year.
  • The service enables the recycling of paper towels and their processing into new paper products.
  • Tork PaperCircle® helps you reduce waste and reduce your carbon footprint by at least 40%.

Olivia Center, formerly known as Olivia Business Center, is a modern business and office center in Gdańsk. It boasts Konior & Partners and BJK Architekci architecture, as well as numerous certificates for safety and environmental friendliness.

In late 2021, Olivia joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to underline its commitment to caring for the natural environment and its resources, and earlier, in early 2021, the center announced the implementation of a new environmental policy. The pilot project of circular management of Tork PaperCircle® paper towels introduced in Olivia is part of the pro-ecological movements.

– The implementation of solutions that serve to protect the environment, circular economy or improve the state of the natural environment are very important to us. All our investments are subject to restrictive BREEAM certification, with ratings ranging from Very Good to Excellent. We do not hesitate to use the most innovative materials and procedures that respond to climate challenges. One of these is the partnership within Tork PaperCircle®, which we mainly promote among the residents of our center – he says Boguslaw Wieczorekattorney and board representative for public relations, Olivia Center.

Tork PaperCircle®, the circular and convenient management of paper towels

Tork PaperCircle® is the first of its kind in the world. The solution enables the recycling of paper towels and their processing into new paper products. In practice, guests and employees of the client, in this case Olivia Center, use the bathroom as usual, with the difference that after drying they throw away paper towels in a specially marked, separate container.

The containers are emptied by cleaning staff and collected by Essity’s recycling partner and then delivered to the local Essity factory, where they are converted into new paper products. This completes the paper cycle. Tork PaperCircle® helps you reduce waste and reduce your carbon footprint by at least 40%. In the Olivia Center, 750 kg of towels were collected only in the first month of operation.

– We have developed the Tork PaperCircle® service in collaboration with customers and recyclers to ensure it is efficient, sustainable and meets their needs. Tork PaperCircle® is cost neutral compared to other waste management options, the company says Essity

The whole process does not involve any difficulties for bathroom users, who are instructed by legible signs and notices, or for cleaning personnel who empty special containers as usual, except that the towels are transported to a separate container for the collection of used towel paper.

– We are getting signals that the Residents for whom ecological responsibility is particularly important value the cooperation with Tork. At the user level, it requires no expenditure or changes, and you can contribute to a better future – confirms Bogusław Wieczorek.

For the benefit of the environment and image

Tork PaperCircle® has many advantages. The most obvious is closing the circulation of paper towels and reducing waste. The implementation of such a method of paper management also translates into a reduction of the CO2 emissions generated by the production and disposal of paper compared to traditional forms of paper management, such as incineration or storage.

For companies implementing the service in their facilities, Tork PaperCircle® offers the opportunity to actively participate in sustainable development activities and to promote their environmental commitment through creative communication in the bathrooms. In the case of Olivia Center, Tork PaperCircle® fits in perfectly with the center’s pro-environmental initiatives.

– The awareness and activity of our residents in this area is impressive: in 2020 ABAX planted 100,000 trees and in 2021 ZR Trade implemented the #ZeroWasteWorking project, based on the introduction of good practices in daily work, which not only contributed to more effective management resources, but also perfect integration of employees – says Bogusław Wieczorek.

Essity, on the other hand, is one of the most committed organizations in the world to sustainable development. In 2021, the owner of the Tork brand was awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal – the platform’s highest award, ranking it among the top 1% of sustainable companies. Essity also has ambitious goals: by 2030, all of the company’s material and energy waste should be recovered. Tork PaperCircle® is one of the initiatives to achieve this goal.

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