Thermal insulation – pleasant coolness in the house in summer

In recent days we have recorded the highest heat in this part of Europe and the thermometer reads more than 30 degrees Celsius. Happy Your home can become a pleasantly cool retreat – almost like a royal castle with thick brick walls – and without the cost of air conditioning.

How can this be achieved? It is enough to carry out professional thermal insulation of the walls of the building, which: it effectively protects the house from frost in winter and from heat in summer

Thermomodernization makes it possible to obtain the correct temperature of the rooms of the building in the summer and winter seasons and guarantees a saving of increasingly expensive energy needed for heating or air conditioning. In just one heating season you can save up to several thousand zlotys.

In our climatic conditions, polystyrene is the basic material that protects houses from heat loss. Building owners who decide to thermally insulate the walls in addition to thermal comfort provide the householders with a good microclimate

Thanks to the thermal modernization of the house during the hottest heat, it is pleasantly cool and without air conditioningand in winter it is cozy and warm with low heating costs.

Thermal comfort

In the summer, heat penetrates the rooms of the house, and in the winter it escapes there. Anyone who has had the chance to visit friends who lived in antebellum tenements is well aware that the thick brick walls of buildings from the first half of the last century provide an extremely effective layer of insulation. Such an thermal protection provides much cooler indoor air on hot days compared to traditional non-insulated buildings

Fortunately, modern homes can also successfully withstand the most extreme heat – thanks to thermal insulation. Professionally thermally protected walls easily achieve insulation parameters that exceed solid walls.

For example insulation of Termonium Plus graphite polystyrene, 15 cm thick facade protects as effectively as a concrete wall almost four meters thick!

A well-insulated house has a healthy microclimate, both in summer and winter. In the greatest heat, the inhabitants feel a pleasant chill, almost like inhabitants of castles and palaces with very thick walls. Home insulation is the most profitable investment. Owners of thermally insulated houses in winter will pay much less for heating. It is worth remembering that reducing energy consumption also helps to reduce low emissions i.e. smog – says Krzysztof Krzemień, technical director of Termo Organika.

A healthy temperature in the house

Introduce ad hoc measures to help you survive the heat in a house that is still not insulated and without the need to invest in relatively expensive and not entirely healthy air conditioning.

The most important of these are:

  • buying a fan,
  • limiting sun exposure on windows through the correct use of blinds and shutters,
  • install humidifiers or just pour water into a bowl
  • avoiding airing the rooms at the time of the highest sun exposure,
  • regular creation of controlled conceptsthat increase air circulation,
  • avoid long cooking times, because the water vapor in the air causes an unpleasant feeling of heat,
  • Placing an inflatable pool in the garden is always a good solution that will please not only children,
  • using a cold shower,
  • drinking beverages, especially water. In hot weather it is very important to stay hydrated.
  • avoiding heavy meals and alcohol consumption.

The 2022 construction season is halfway through, so it pays to make the decision to insulate the home as soon as possible in order to insulate the property later this year. Construction experts agree – is one of the most profitable construction investments that quickly pays for itself and ensures optimal comfort of use of the house.

Source and photos: Termo Organika

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