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On Saturday, July 2, a series of summer events will begin in Młyny Rothera under the slogan “City Summer”. The plan includes workshops, animations and popular science picnics. Admission to most events is free.

The first day of attractions was organized as part of the “City on the River” event, through which we will understand how the architectural style is influenced by the location of the city on the river and how cities and residential areas are created. The participants build a large city from large wooden blocks, cardboard boxes or tissue paper. On the second day, sensory lessons, music workshops and various animations are on the program that make the first Sunday of summer special.

Saturday, July 2, 2022, 6 p.m. 12 noon – 6 p.m., free entry
time. 12.00-14.00 – Reading and acting
Meeting with books about cities and rivers and cities on rivers. Workshop for children (4-12 years) and adults. During the event, we will be introduced to the best books for children about architecture and buildings around it, marking a riverbank, building a large-scale city and learning about the principles of building and creating cities and settlements. Various theme books will be presented during the meeting, one of which will be read aloud. Registration is required for the event.
time. 14.00-15.30 – Let’s build the sounds, let them flow
A musical game in which the participants have fun with the sounds sung and played and with the help of the leader create their own sounds and melodies that will flow … with the water flow through Bydgoszcz and with the wind over Bydgoszcz.
time. 15.30-17.00 – By the rivers – family game on the Młynów terrace
Family fun in the form of stalking (quiz with the search for hidden puzzles), testing the knowledge of architecture and buildings in our city. Points with tasks are waiting for the participants of the game.
time. 15.30 to 18.00 – animations for children
Water, river and building games. On the program Soap bubble “buildings”, movement games with a theme, face painting and much, much more.
time. 17.00 -18.00 – summary of the family game

Sunday 3 July 2022, 12.00 – 18.00, admission free.
time. 12.00-14.00 – I READ THE WORLD
# CzyTamŚwiat, a sensory encounter with books for children from 2 to 7 years old and their families, in which we get to know the best books for children related to the topic of the event, including: “Zakątki, or who lives here?” Michalina Rolnik, “My first book on animal shelters” by Eric Carle or “Miastonauci” by Tytus Brzozowski. On the basis of these books we will undertake artistic activities that will appeal to all senses and principles of sensory integration therapy. The participants will, among other things, decorate large cardboard building templates with materials that they can not only see and touch, but also smell, hear, taste… The lessons will include vegetables, loose food material and sensory masses. Registration is required for the event.
time. 14.00-15.30 – MELODY FLOWS
Concert and musical entertainment. There will be a trio consisting of: Ada Rychwalska – vocals, lead; Marcin Bączkowski – guitar; Daniel Pradella – piano. The artists will perform works related to water including “Moon River”, “Half a Step From Here”, “Hey Sailor Sailor”, “Wade in a water”. Each piece is interwoven with a common rhythmic or melodic playing. The whole performance is interactive and intergenerational, for adults there are several songs sung and one instrumental, prepared especially for them
time. 15.30 -18.00 – PLAYING TERRACE
During this time, the games will take place in three parallel blocks:
1. animations
Water, river and building games. The program includes: Bubble “buildings”, themed movement games, face painting and much, much more.
2. Paint the city… by the river
An artistic family activity consisting of painting with tempera paints (on paper plates) and brushes, on large, flat cardboard sheets (eg A1 format) of a city of dreams, showing what we need for rivers today.
Build a city on sheets of gray paper and colored cardboard, string and paper bags.

The program for the coming weekends is HERE.

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