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Nice weather and longer days are conducive to going on weekends, also the holidays are coming up when we travel more often. For safe driving, it is worth planning time in advance for stops and meals. ORLEN stations, where we can not only refuel high-quality fuel, but also eat and rest well, can help with this.

The car is full, but we feel totally devoid of vitality? This is a sign that it is time to stop and replenish your energy sources. It is best to take a break about every two hours while driving and whenever you feel tired and distracted. The point is to get there safely, not to be there for everyone! Stop.Cafe is the perfect solution for those who travel by car. There you will find everything you need to regenerate before continuing your journey.

Aromatic coffee gives you a boost of energy, and for the hungry you will find nutritious snacks and dishes, both vegetarian and traditional, meat. Everyone eats the way they want! For lovers of traditional dinner dishes Stop.Cafe The offer consists of pork tenderloin in cheese sauce with potato gnocchi and green beans, penne pasta in creamy spinach sauce with chicken or lasagna with bolognese sauce. These dishes are available in select Stop.Cafe

Vegetarians and vegans can try vegetarian balls with curry sauce and rice, halloumi burger with a mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk with the addition of mint, a beet or millet burger with bell pepper or vegan hot dogs, veg toasts, wraps and casseroles or pizzas designed for people who do not eat meat. Salads provide an extra portion of vitamins. The menu suggestions can be freely selected or eaten as a small snack on the go, so that you can continue your journey with the energy needed to drive.

Stop.Cafe is the perfect place to drink aromatic coffee. There are several options to choose from. You can choose strong espresso, delicate cappuccino, caffe latte or flat white caffe – a combination of double espresso and lightly frothed milk.

Lovers of a mild taste and a lower dose of caffeine can try the chocolate milk caffe mocha. Perfectly frothed milk and the deep aroma of carefully selected, freshly ground beans are the secret of the coffee in Stop.Cafe. For gourmets who want to repeat these experiences at home, ORLEN offers espresso blends (a blend of Arabica and Robusta) and 100% Arabica – both bean and ground versions, available at the station.

Caffeine stimulates the senses and mind, so a sip of coffee is recommended before continuing the journey. You can order just coffee or enjoy an aromatic drink after a snack or lunch. The choice is yours! In addition to the coffee offered Stop.Cafe there are other drinks too, including delicious freshly squeezed and pressed juices.

Stop.Cafe cares about the quality of the ingredients from which the dishes are prepared. She makes every effort to ensure that the sauces do not contain any chemical additives, preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers. They are replaced by natural herbs that emphasize the taste. Thanks to this food in Stop.Cafe it is tasty and healthy, and you feel full and full of energy.

Stop.Cafe it cares not only about our health, but also about ecology. In addition to traditional fried fries, there is also an oven-baked variant. Fried fries are about 10 percent. fewer calories than fried, and just as tasty. Choosing fried chips offers two advantages in one: lower calorific value and care for the environment, because you use less oil for frying instead of frying. Or maybe you are convinced of their taste and want to replace the fried ones with home baked ones? It’s very easy to make them and you don’t have to worry about what to do with the used oil! Fried fries can be prepared not only from potatoes – baked beetroot, for example, tastes delicious. Vegetables prepared this way retain more nutritional values, vitamins and minerals, making them a great supplement to provide a large dose of healthy energy.

Stop.Cafe we can easily find them on the website There we will also check the availability of products depending on the location of the item.

This allows us to plan in advance a place for a stop along the way, where we can rest and have something good to eat. Convenience and safety while traveling – that’s all Stop.Cafe!

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