Is a retirement home being built in Świdnica? The chairman of the council asks, the president answers –

Not everyone can afford commercial, 24-hour care – points to Jan Dzienielski, chairman of the city council of Świdnica, who addressed the city council with a proposal to establish a public nursing home. In her reply, the mayor of Świdnica referred to the opinion of the employees of the Municipal Center for Social Welfare, who said that “the first thing worth considering is the establishment of a Care and Treatment Center”.

As early as 2012, a group of seniors from Świdnica, hearing voices from their environment about the increasingly serious lack of care for the elderly, collected 2,200 signatures for a petition about the construction of a retirement home and a care and treatment center, which was handed over to the mayor of Świdnica, the municipal administrator of Świdnica and the stars of Świdnica. At that time there was no public or private center for seniors in the poviat. † We are sure that the center where the elderly can find care 24 hours a day is indispensable in our poviat. At the moment, seniors can count on places far away from their families, and this form of care is not easy at all – then emphasized Danuta Malinowska, the initiator of the campaign, supported by Mirosława Piątek and Marian Kowalik.

Seniors wanted a retirement home to be built all over the Świdnica poviat. † Not only the inhabitants of Świdnica need such a place. We want it to be close to their hometown, family and friends. The same drama is loneliness within one’s own four walls, like moving to a distant place. That’s why we want the center to come to Świdnica – the attention of the initiators. Ultimately, their initiative was never implemented and private nursing homes for seniors were established in the poviat.

The President of the Municipal Council in Świdnica recently decided to reconsider the idea of ​​establishing a public nursing home. † On behalf of the residents of our city, I ask you to take steps to create a nursing home in Świdnica. The problem of an aging society and the difficulties that arise from it increasingly affect us and our families. Not everyone can afford commercial, 24-hour care. Very good programs conducted in Świdnica mainly target active seniors and often do not take into account the group plagued by various diseases of the older age – stated Jan Dzięćlski in an interpellation addressed to the mayor of Świdnica.

Every year we co-finance about 100 residents (their residence in DPS outside the poviat), generating costs in the order of PLN 3 million. These are people who are housed far from our city, which creates additional stress and expense for families. We do not have statistics on how many residents of Świdnica are placed in private nursing homes, funded by the seniors themselves or their relatives. It is likely that there are additional hundreds of inhabitants. Therefore, it is reasonable for us to live up to expectations and build such a center in Świdnica. The locations of, for example, former closed schools seem ideal, which has also been successfully implemented in other municipalities. I understand this is not the council’s job, but we cannot overlook such an important and urgent issue – noted Dzięćlski.

Mayor of Świdnica refers to his request. † The self-government poviat is responsible for operating and developing the infrastructure of social care homes with a cross-municipal reach and the placement of persons referred to therein in accordance with the Social Assistance Act. The above ordinance does not deprive the municipality of the possibility of establishing a nursing home, but it must be remembered that in order to obtain a license from the voivode to run it, a number of restrictive requirements related to the quality must be met of the service, filing house rules, documents confirming the legal status of the property on which the facility will be located. A license in the form of a board decision can be revoked if certain requirements are not met – explains Beata Moskal-Słaniewska.

According to the sanitary and housing requirements, the facility where the nursing home can be built must meet the conditions such as: the building and its surroundings must not have architectural barriers, a multi-storey building must have an elevator adapted to the needs of disabled people, the building must be equipped with a call and alarm system and a fire alarm system, the number of places in the nursing home must not exceed 100, in the building, in addition to living rooms intended for DPS residents, a number of rooms to meet the to meet the sanitary needs of the residents of the house – sums up Moskal-Słaniewska, while noting at the same time that these are only a few of the dozens of requirements for the functioning of the DPS. † Moreover, according to the regulations in force, the social institutions are divided into seven types, depending on the type of disease for which they are intended, which certainly makes it difficult to create a suitable facility for each of these people. At the time of reporting the documentation about the health status of the future resident, it is determined which type of social care the reported department should go to. – indicates.

After analyzing the initiated and finalized cases related to the referral of people in need to nursing homes, the Municipal Social Welfare Center is of the opinion that there is currently no cause for concern about the granting of the right to this type of assistance to the residents of widnica. In individual cases, there are more or less complications, but their nature is typical for this type of case. So far, not a single resident who needs support in the field of social care has been refused because of not being able to find a place for him or because of insufficient financial resources from the municipality. Certainly, the existence of such an institution in the city would increase the supply and resources of social assistance in the municipality, as well as the comfort of the families of the burden. However, it is a project on a huge financial and organizational scale and requires cooperation with the municipalities of the Świdnik poviat – claims the mayor of Świdnica.

According to the employees of the Municipal OCMW, this primarily concerns the establishment of the Care and Treatment Institution, whose main task is to provide 24-hour health services, including the care and rehabilitation of people who do not require hospitalization, and to to provide medicines, medical devices and medical device equipment, rooms and food adapted to the state of health, as well as care during organized cultural and recreational activities. Adapting the charge to the new reality caused by illness or disability in the environment of medical personnel would make an important contribution to further cooperation in the framework of care provision with MOPS – he adds. However, the president does not provide any information as to whether such a plan can be implemented in Świdnica.

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