Intervention. Freight trains accelerated. Till houses shake

The problem concerns the longest broad gauge line in Poland, connecting the Ukrainian border crossing in Hrubieszów with Silesia. It is run by PKP Linie Hutnicza Szerokotorowa, mainly gauge freight trains, used in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

– The rolling stock is rickety, the wheels are square. When it goes, it collapses so much that the houses shake. Change the rolling stock and reduce the speed – the inhabitants of Užupis argue during the meeting with journalists from “Intervention”. The owner of one of the stores shows them a video of bottles vibrating on the shelves when a train passes by.

See the material from “Intervention”: Freight trains accelerated. Till houses shake!

The house shakes and falls apart

The broad gauge line runs along traditional railway lines. Residents indicate that they are not inconvenienced by trains that run on standard rails. The problem is with wide tracks. Mrs Barbara is 75 years old and her husband is 78. They live right next to the railway. They claim their house is collapsing.

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– There are cracks in the walls, foundations. They all came about because the LHS trains were running at too high a speed. When we were building in 1974, this track didn’t exist. It was made in the time of Gierek. As the LHS goes away, the cracks widen, the plaster falls off – they explain.

When Wioleta Pankau bought the house nine years ago, it had no cracks. Today there are enough. – The effects are visible in the house outside. All the time repairs, renovations, corrections – he admits.

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At Mrs. Longina’s house, not only the residential building, but also the farm building burst.

– I have cracks in the walls of the house, around the house. There are scratches, there are holes. The garage is cracked. It’s only because of the shocks the trains cause – he emphasizes.

Problem after crossing repair

According to the residents, the problem arose during the renovation of pedestrian crossings and the construction of toll gates. Then the trains on the broad gauge line accelerated significantly, causing the shocks.

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Mr Józef is a retired railwayman. He worked as a machinist for over 40 years. The causes of the damage are undoubtedly the PKP LHS trains, ie the broad gauge metallurgy line, and worn out freight wagons.

– Last year it was tragic. Doors and windows did not open. Everything is distorted. I had to tear down my porch and build a new one. It’s all because of broad gauge trains, because there are vibrations – says Józef Biała, a retired railway man.

– The Bureau of Rail Transport, which examined the passing LHS trains, found that some of them were not suitable for use. They have carriages that should not be in use. It’s all about worn wheels and chassis, causing vibrations and cracks in walls, tiles and ceilings – adds Monika Sochacka, a Fakt journalist.

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Officials from the Main Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow conducted noise measurements and it was found that the applicable standards were exceeded at night. The residents of Užupis point out that no such violations were recorded on that day. Because when the investigation was done, the trains ran slowly.

– We found that the noise standards were being exceeded. Further actions fall under the competence of the starost – informs Barbara Dębska of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow.

Sound measurement … every five years. “Mr. starosta does not run away from the problem”

The reporters of “Intervention” decided to visit the staroste. It turned out that both he and the deputy staroste were out of the office that day. Therefore, they met the secretary of the starosty. He gave them a letter from which we learned that they were having noise measurements taken… every five years.

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– I will not talk, the staroste and the deputy starosta are authorized to do so. I can only deliver a letter. This is a development issue. The problem is that the staroste does not run away from the problem – said Marcin Wójcik, secretary of the Olkusz poviat.

Journalists asked for a response from PKP – LHS based in Zamość. A spokeswoman for the railway company refused to agree to a personal interview and only sent us a written statement.

“The company is in the process of appointing a committee to investigate the above-mentioned topic. Details on the above-mentioned topic will be announced after the committee’s work is completed.”

– I wrote a letter to the LHS. I suggested the president and vice president come. Have them sit with me. They get food and drink. Just let them sit and see what it looks like. The magazine got no response – summarizes one of the residents of Užupis.

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