In Gdansk . a home is being built for adults with autism

The home community, which is being established in Gdańsk, at ul. Malczewski 133 will be intended for people with severe autism, a group that is particularly vulnerable to social exclusion. Unfortunately, the system does not give such people a chance. Soon there will be two 24/7 facilities for people who need permanent individual support.

The Home Community for Adults with Autism is a small specialized permanent residence home that offers its residents individual support, taking into account their needs, limitations and development potential. On Tuesday, at ul. Malczewskiego 133 on the construction site, the deed of foundation was signed and embedded in the construction of the new home community established by the Autistic People Assistance Association.

– The Home Community space is intended for people with the autism spectrum, with the so-called severe autism, a group that is particularly vulnerable to social exclusion. These are people with a certificate of severe disability, with autism and multiple disabilities, such as intellectual disability, epilepsy, deafness, etc. These people need help with daily activities, have communication problems, often do not speak and are unable to express themselves. communicate needs and choices. They can be hypersensitive to stimuli, sleep disturbances and severe behavioral disturbances that can threaten their health and life. Including aggression, auto-aggression, destruction, uncontrolled escapes, drinking toxic substances. They cannot organize their time of activity and rest. They are lonely and unable to handle relationships with others, they are emotionally and mentally dependent and at risk of being exploited. Consequently, they are unable to manage their lives and make life decisions. However, with individual support, they can have fulfilling, good lives – they are calm, self-sufficient in terms of self-service, perform simple jobs, participate in the life of their group and can pursue their passions – he says Masgorzata Rybickapresident of the Autistic People Assistance Association.
The system does not give such people a chance. Community self-help centers and occupational therapy workshops for people with intellectual disabilities usually do not accept them due to the insufficient number of caregivers, who are also unprepared to work with people with autism. The situation is even worse when it comes to 24-hour care.

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– Social care homes for people with intellectual disabilities completely ignore their needs regarding individual support and private space, ie their own room. As a result, in DPS, their condition usually worsens, they lose their previously acquired skills and often spend months in psychiatric hospitals immobilized with seat belts. Adults with the so-called With severe autism, they only go to the DPS if their old and sick parents can not care for them, or after their death – emphasizes Małgorzata Rybicka.
As he states, despite the lack of systemic solutions, it is very important to create day and night centers for people with autism who need special specialist support.

– The Autistic People Assistance Association has been doing it for years, replacing the state in many activities, just like other non-governmental organizations. It runs three daily support centers for several dozen people, funded by the projects. It built and transferred in 2016 to the Interior Community of Arkadiusz Rybicki in Gdansk at ul. Malczewskiego 133, a small house in the local community, offers its residents individual support tailored to their needs. As this form of housing is not state funded, it is not occupied by permanent residents, but continues to host project-funded five-day camps for 14 people learning to live outside their families. Because all of these activities only meet a small portion of the needs, the Association decided to build another Home Community nearby – adds SPOA’s president.

The application helps children with autism to learn

Each resident has their own space

The New Home Community is being built on a plot of land that has been transferred to the City of Gdańsk, which is a partner in the implementation of the integrated project. It will have slightly different details.

– Throughout Gdańsk we offer places in different legal forms where we know those proven partners in cooperation with PFRON, in cooperation with Mr. support for all parents, people with disabilities and dependents. It’s you who change reality for the better, I’m rooting for you and I hope we meet soon at the opening – she said Aleksandra Dulkiewiczthe President of Gdansk.
Two facilities will be realized in the building with a usable surface area of ​​approximately 1,500 m2: a small specialized form of living, which will provide permanent accommodation for 6 people, and a daily support facility for 10 people. By organizing the space in the facilities, social services can also be provided: respite, assistance and intervention services for 38 people with autism and their families. Each resident gets their own space (a room with bathroom) and a common room, so that they can function in a group.

– Recreational flats offer a real chance that a disabled person, regardless of his or her dysfunction, can learn independence, and in particular how to live with dignity. I congratulate you on this great undertaking and the determination needed in this very difficult time – he said: Mieczysław StrukMarshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The robot will help in the therapy of children with autism

  • A new Home Community for adults with autism is being created.
  • A new Home Community for adults with autism is being created.

The day support facility gives users the opportunity to participate in various activities and support their independence. It will have individual and group therapy rooms, laboratories, a gym and physiotherapy rooms. Because both Home Communities will operate close to each other and the residents of both homes can participate in joint activities and make use of the communal recreation area with the existing experience garden, this is an additional advantage of this district.

The construction of the new home community will be built largely thanks to EU funds under the Pomerania Voivodeship Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, granted by the Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal’s Office.

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