IKEA extends the summer and introduces new products full of interesting designs

IKEA extends the summer and introduces a range full of new products, vibrant colors, geometric patterns, glass, but also flowers, copper pots and soft textiles.

  • IKEA is extending the summer with a number of novelties.
  • IKEA novelties are full of original shapes and interesting patterns.
  • New products will be available in stores from July 2022.

It’s worth stopping and heading to the sun-drenched meadows outside the city and spend carefree moments among wildflowers. What if this nostalgic feeling could be replicated in the interior? The new TIMJANSMOTT bed linen with floral print and the OLDERDALEN table create a cosy, rustic atmosphere thanks to traditional patterns, pastel colors and materials that complement each other beautifully.

The unique, handmade IGELSTORP wall decoration made of banana fibers adds naturalness and freshness to the interior. Each piece is handwoven by craftsmen from a social enterprise in India.

IKEA has long supported and collaborated with social enterprises in different regions of the world that aim to improve the living conditions of people from groups especially at risk of exclusion, the majority of which are women. We are happy that more and more of our products are made with the participation of such places. As a result, we not only make a positive social impact by increasing access to decent work for those who need it most, but in return we also get beautiful and valuable products, one of a kind and made with care for local communities – emphasizes Agata Czakhorska, director of sustainable development IKEA Retail Poland.

Let’s put wild flowers in the GRADVIS colorful glass vases designed by Inma Bermúdez to enjoy their presence even for a while.

Also, house plants will appreciate glazed pots. Even without plants, the collection of vases with soft geometric shapes and soothing, mild colors looks phenomenal. †

Next station: Fun

IKEA novelties are full of original shapes and interesting patterns, which will come in handy in our environment to distract our thoughts and focus on something fun.

The designer Hannah Wilcox, who has given the objects a funny accent with her original patterns, is not only inspired by nature, but also by visits to museums and art galleries. He sees shapes and patterns everywhere. While in Dublin during lockdown, she was regularly visited by a tabby who once invaded the house, and now we’ll find his image on fabrics and other IKEA items. For example on PURPURBRÄCKA bedding with other animals with fun shapes, on a HAJMAL tray or DRÖNA storage boxes.

I hope you all enjoy this collection. I think buying something fun and quirky is a great way to boost your mood. The simplicity and the use of one color mean that this collection can appeal to many people and suit different interiors, she says. Hannah Wilcox, designer.

The new season at IKEA can also inspire you to make small changes to feel better in a refreshed interior. It is not about a general renovation, but about adding an original touch, for example placing a red THORGUN blanket on the sofa, decorating windows with patterned curtains with small NÄCKROSMOTT patterns or playing board games on a pleasant to the touch BOGENSE carpet.

Discover your kitchen

Hot days are not conducive to the desire to stay in the kitchen and cook hot dishes. In summer we prefer lighter dishes that are quick to prepare. When this season of the year comes to an end, many kitchens prepare preserves of fruits, vegetables, and first mushrooms. The KORKEN series pots can help with these preparations, which are also perfect for storing groats, rice, pasta and other dry products.

We’ll take your cooking to the next level with the premium FINMAT collection of pots designed by the unrivaled Ilse Crawford. The collection with a design Scandinavian aesthetic consists of four unique pots and pans that combine functionality and style. The modern copper finish, stainless steel interior and bottom are great for heat conduction and durability. The handles are forged but hollow, which makes them less hot. The products are suitable for all types of cookers and hobs, including induction hobs.

Surprise your loved ones with a nice dinner served in a different way than usual – it’s an easy way to create these home moments. New tablecloths, striped HAJMAL trays, a bouquet of flowers on the table or ordinary candles – each of these little things will bring a touch of freshness to the daily activity of eating.

New products will be available in stores from July 2022.

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