I was at the famous naturist beach in Chałupy and … I undressed

  • The history of naturists in Chałupy dates back to post-war times, although no doubt all of Poland heard of the unique beach thanks to the song “Chałupy welcome to”
  • – Wodecki probably sang it in 1985, we were here much earlier – admitted a group of friends, to whom I asked on the famous beach how long they rest this way
  • I was sunbathing like the others, with no clothes on. My heart pounded at first and I felt like I was about to explode with stress. The wind calmed me. At some point I decided to run into the sea. It was a liberating feeling
  • Soon after leaving the beach it turned out that I had made a fundamental mistake. I didn’t apply sunscreen all over my body, so…I couldn’t sit on the train
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Introducing the next generation The woman who With her approximately three-year-old child, she reached the naturist beach in Chałupy. I observed this situation and was completely ashamed that I had just taken off my underwear.

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Chałupy welcome to

I dreamed about the beach in Chałupy while planning a trip to Hel. “Naked me and nature, I think I’m crazy” – I was joking in my mind. Without waiting long, I typed a query into the Google search engine about the hit song by Zbigniew Wodecki, whose words and melody are mostly known to my parents’ generation. I decided to find out how it happened that all of Poland heard about Chałupy in 1985.

For example, a year ago Łukasz Zalesiński wrote on the Onet Podróże website: “Wodecki went into the studio and recorded a song. Then a music video was made for it, very controversial at the time. It was 1985, the Puritan PRL in its full, if dubious, glory, and here’s public television broadcasting a video full of naked people† – Yes, it sparked discussions. But the authorities, as you can see, needed the games, so they turn a blind eye – Wodecki recalled.”

As Mr Zenon, who has lived in Chałupy since 1951, told our journalist: naturists appeared in Chałupy . shortly after the war† “That’s what my parents said, too,” he insisted. “But a long stretch of the local beach forever naturists wouldn’t take over until the 1970s– he described.

How’s 2022 going? Can you still meet naturists in Chałupy?

Nature starts here

The sun came out after a stormy night in the camping tent. Not wanting to waste such a beautiful day, I decided to fulfill my dream and go to a small town between Władysławowo and Kuźnica.

I came by train from Hel to Chałupy. The naturist beach is marked on the map, so it is basically no problem to find it. Walking along the coast for over fifteen minutes in the heat, I hoped to be at my destination soon. With each subway I passed less and less clothed sunbathers, that’s how I came to the sign…

Photo: Karolina Walczowska / Onet

On the beach in Chałupy.

Just behind her rested only naked sunbathers. I passed younger and older couples, hidden behind screens and relaxing on towels under umbrellas – everyone at an appropriate distance, without disturbing each other.

I have to admit that “fenced” people had the most intimacy. Although I was not close to the rest of the people, I could see my family and friends very clearly nearby. I found myself staring at it too long, and yet reading on the internet not to† Photos are also not welcome, except for yourself. On the nudist and naturist advice pages I also found tips to bring your lunch as such beaches are far from the waffle and snack stalls and just…enjoy the contact with nature.

The first step was the hardest

Hands sweat from stress, the words “what people will think” repeating in the head like a mantra and a faster heartbeat. Finally I collapsed, closed my eyes, took off my underwear and lay down on the towel. After a while I got up and looked out over the undulating sea.

– How are you? – I hastily asked my companion, who was also on this beach for the first time. – I don’t know a little, do you? – I think I need to cool down.

A few minutes later I thought I was hungry and maybe it’s time for some sandwiches.

After a while the emotions ebbed away, I have the impression that a gust of wind calmed me down.

real freedom

At one point it got really hot. Nothing but cooling off in the cool water, but naked? I didn’t hesitate to stop† I just walked on the beach and, not caring if others were watching and commenting, I ran into the sea. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such freedom† I, like God and the element of water, nature created me. unusual.

After a few hours of rest I felt much more at ease towards the end. I got dressed and walked over to the family who were also about to leave the beach. – I wanted to ask because I heard if you are introducing a new generation of naturists, you are speaking out here. It was my first time, I was stressed at first, I said.

– Poland knows this beach thanks to the famous song – I said. – Wodecki probably sang it in 1985, we’ve been here a long time before – she said.

When asked about her experiences she explained:- My grandson asked: Grandma, but are you also without panties? I told him yes, but only on the beach, because if we walked past it, I’d be wearing a blanket. I won’t feel comfortable bending over.

Another woman interrupted me and reminded me of the basic concepts: nudist they stop wearing clothes because they want to enjoy spending time with other people naked† – We, naturists, focus on communicating with nature – she said.

They began to ask if we were passing through or if we would stay in Chałupy. I felt invited again and… I liked it. I’m not one of those people who like to expose their bodies, but I felt it was there I need not be ashamed, there are no taboos here.

However, I have to admit that undressing was not easy for me, and I wondered for a long time if my tuck on my stomach caught anyone’s attention. I think I will not forget this experience for a long time and maybe one day I will repeat it…?

One of the main beaches in Chałupy

Photo: Karolina Walczowska / Onet

One of the main beaches in Chałupy

Emotions didn’t help, that’s my lesson from the naturist beach

Until the end of the day, I analyzed my stay in a new place and my experiences. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t comfortable. † They hurt a lot, even my butt burns – I threw at my companion after sitting on the train to Gdansk. – Oh no, I forgot to add sunscreen! I said out loud.

In fact, it turned out that I forgot the places that my swimwear usually covered. Since they were never exposed to the sun, it ended up with red, parched skin…

Karolina Walczowska, journalist from Onet Podróże


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