How to save on vacation? Ways

  • Summer vacations can ruin your budget if you don’t consider simple savings ideas. Here are seven examples of how to spend less
  • An expensive hotel does not always guarantee a high level of tranquility, sometimes it pays to look for a private accommodation. The car can be replaced by a train and the restaurant can be replaced by your own provisions
  • The basis for savings is planning expenses, taking into account promotions, previous reservations and the use of unique or hidden offers
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How to save on vacation? This question is asked every year (and especially in this difficult, inflationary year) not only by those who struggle to make it to the former, but also by those who have a thicker wallet but don’t want to spend too much. There are many ways to reduce your expenses without sacrificing much of the quality of your vacation. It is enough to spend some time browsing the offers and perhaps give up something that is only seemingly necessary. Here are seven easy ways to avoid going bankrupt while on vacation.

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1. Book your accommodation in advance

The prices of hotels, apartments and guest houses in June and July are completely different than in January or February. If we have foggy plans for places to visit in the summer, it’s worth browsing online accommodation booking platforms in the winter. The price differences can be huge and this applies to places frequented by masses of tourists as well as places that are less popular, but also loved.

2. Not necessarily in a hotel

Do you absolutely have to stay in a five star hotel for exorbitant amounts? A rest in such a place will not necessarily be more pleasant. †If we are focused on a cheap vacation then we should definitely look for accommodation in private accommodations, where the average price in the country is PLN 64 per person. In comparison, the average price per night per person in a hotel is a whopping PLN 142 “- says Natalia Jaworska, expert of the booking platform, quoted by PAP.

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3. Choose a train over a car

The fuel prices are overwhelming, and it could be even more expensive. And not only in Poland, because in some countries eagerly visited by Poles, they are even higher than in Poland. It is worth remembering when you go by car to, for example, Croatia or Italy. When planning a holiday in Poland, it is worth considering traveling by train, even if you are going on holiday with a larger group. PKP Intercity has introduced a new offer for the summer under the slogan “Cheaper with loved ones”, which can reduce train ticket prices by 30%. for people traveling in a group of 2 to 6 people. However, there is one condition: tickets must be purchased at least one day before the trip. They are also not available from conductors. Family tickets can still be used on EIC and EIP trains, which give a discount to passengers traveling in a group of 2 to 5 people, as long as there is a child under 16.

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4. Bring your own lunch on holiday

…or find a cheap supermarket or discount store in your destination. It doesn’t matter that traveling with the proverbial jars is sometimes ridiculed on internet forums. This is undoubtedly a good way to save, especially if we have booked accommodation in an apartment with a kitchen. It is a great alternative to dining in restaurants, especially if the specter of “horror coupons” from fish bars and seaside taverns in Zakopane keeps us up at night. If the average price for a dinner with a drink for one person in a restaurant is about PLN 50-60, then you fit this amount well with a meal for a family of four. Of course, it’s worth popping into local pubs every now and then, if only to sample regional delicacies.

5. Avoid the crowds

There is no doubt that in Sopot or Międzyzdroje you will pay more for your holiday than in a quiet town in Warmia and Masuria, and Barcelona will do more damage to your wallet in the “high season” than a lesser known but charming place in Spain , not far of this popular city. When we go abroad, it is worth taking a look at smaller towns, close to the places we want to visit. For example, if we dream of a trip to Milan, let’s choose nearby Bergamo as a destination, where the nights are much lower and accessible by low-cost airlines† In Poland, let’s skip seaside resorts in favor of the Masurian Lakes, for example. An expert from the website suggests that you should be interested in the province. Warmian-Masurian Region, where you can easily find accommodation for up to PLN 80 per person.

6. Plan and manage expenses, look for promotions

Inquire in advance about the prices of accommodation, food, transport and attractions in the country you are going to. A good plan reduces unnecessary costs. Many tourist attractions have no entrance fee during the week, so it is worth planning a visit to such a museum, castle or art gallery in advance. Promotions also apply to public transport. By booking tickets online in advance, we can avoid maximum prices. It is similar to car rental – here it is also worth checking if, for example, the airline we use does not offer special discounts on car rental.

7. Pack with your head

If we are planning a short trip abroad, e.g. an extended weekend, let’s try to pack the minimum amount of things, avoiding paying for checked baggage at the airport (from about PLN 100 to about PLN 300 per piece). Incidentally, we will also not be afraid of his fate, which with the current chaos at European airports could turn out to be a great solution. When it comes to hand luggage, airline requirements differ. For example, on Wizzair aircraft you are only allowed to carry luggage with dimensions of 40x30x20 cm. You have to pay extra for extra hand luggage. Even smaller luggage can be taken on a Ryanair plane. On Lufthansa aircraft you can take luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x23 cm + an extra piece of luggage if you travel in Business Class.

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