How do I transport my dog ​​in the car? Every driver should know this

Many owners choose to transport their dogs in the car. What do the regulations say? While the pet is usually treated as a family member, the legislature is taking a cool-distance approach to transporting dogs in a car.

According to the highway code the animal is treated as cargo during the journey by car and must be transported in accordance with Art. 61 seconds. 1, 2 and 3 of the Road Traffic Act:

  • may not lead to exceeding the permissible total weight or the permissible load capacity of the vehicle;
  • does not hinder driving;
  • does not limit the visibility of the road;
  • is secured against repositioning.

If, during a roadside check, a police officer finds that the dog is being transported in a way that endangers safety, he can impose a fine of 20 to 500 zlotys.

The transport of dogs is also regulated by the provisions of the Animal Protection Act. Article 6 sec. 2 point 6 prohibits the mistreatment of animals as a result of improper transport in a way that causes them suffering and stress.

Failure to comply with this provision is a criminal offence.

There is a large group of dogs for whom traveling by car is a positive or neutral experience. However, keep in mind that not every four-legged friend likes to drive.

If your pet is reacting nervously, you can discuss this with your veterinarian or behaviorist. Specialists can propose effective solutions.

When the decision to take your dog on a trip has already been made, you should think carefully about how to secure your pet in the car. There are many solutions available to safely transport dogs:

  • dog mat for the car;
  • a dog seat for the car;
  • dog basket in the car;
  • dog cage or carrier;
  • harness and seat belts;
  • a car grille mounted between the trunk and passenger compartment.

The device is mounted on the back seat or in the trunk. The dog transport mat prevents the pet from getting into the front of the vehicle.

It also prevents the pet from falling between the sofa and the armchairs. A car dog mat effectively protects the vehicle’s upholstery from dirt and damage, but if you want to protect your dog against sudden braking, for example, it must be supplemented with harnesses or belts.

A dog seat for the car has been made for smaller pets. It works the same way as a child seat. Once the dog has been placed in the seat, it must be secured with leashes, preventing it from walking freely in the vehicle.

The den looks like a dog mat for a car. It is designed to fill a space such as the back seat of a vehicle.

Usually, dog beds for a car consist of a floor and four walls that protect not only the sofa but also the trim of the rear door of the vehicle.

A dog bed for the car is a godsend for smaller pets. Like the burrow, it covers the quadruped from below and on the sides. The car dog bed can be mounted on the back seat or on the passenger seat.

Depending on the size of your pet, you can use a dog carrier or crates for transporting a dog in a car. Transporters are usually made of plastic and are a solution for small dogs. You can fasten them with seat belts.

The cages, in turn, are usually made of metal. Depending on the size, they offer space for medium and large dogs. The cages are mounted in the trunk.

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Never leave your dog in the car. On hot days, the temperature in the vehicle can rise to 40 degrees after just a few minutes. Leaving your dog in such conditions puts you at risk of overheating and even getting heat stroke.

Such irresponsible behavior is punishable under art. 6 seconds. 2 point 17 of the Animal Protection Act.

This provision covers animal abuse by exposing a pet or farm animal to weather conditions that endanger health or life.

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